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Being a parent, the first thing you care about, is your childs health. Every parent wants their child to be healthy and active. What keeps the baby healthy and active? Food. Babies are restless, they like to play, to sing, to dance and to run around the house gleefully but they need energy to be active which comes from proper and healthy diet. Since babies have small tummies, every spoonful of food that goes in their stomach should be packed with nutrients and they should eat it at regular intervals. Healthy food helps them improve their immunity and nourishes them which helps them grow. Read on to find 7 amazing foods that would help keep your baby healthy, active and notorious. 

Raagi: Raagi contains high amounts of calcium and amino acid which is very important at their teething age. It improves the body immunity against harmful diseases and helps to improve bone structure. Amino acid keeps the baby mentally agile. It is also very useful to get children to sleep. Raga is fortified with iron which aids blood formation. Pediatricians add raagi in obese childrens diet as it helps to control blood sugar. To know more benefits of raagi,  click here.




2. Wheat: Wheat is a good supply of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is easily digestible and acts as a natural laxative. As it is rich in carbohydrates, it provides energy to the babies and helps to be active. It digests easily thus it makes good food for babies and toddlers. Wheat needs to be chewed properly before passing on for digestion. This excessive chewing helps to improve the blood circulation in gums. To know more about how wheat can be beneficial for your baby, click here.

.3. Rice: Rice is a very good source of vitamin B complex which enhances the physical and mental health in children. It is a rich source of protein and amino acids, which is very useful for muscle development and rejuvenation. It is easy to digest and thus helps to cure diarrhoea and dysentery. Mixing boiled rice with butter milk helps to cure diarrhoea. To find out more about the importance of rice in your babys meals, click here.

4. Dal or Pulses: Dal is known to be a very rich source of protein. It is also fortified with iron which helps the body to make haemoglobin. Pulses are starchy food and add fibre to babys meals which is good for healthy heart and helps the baby to gain healthy weight. To know more reasons to include pulses in your babys diet, click here.

5. Fruits: Raw food is considered to be the most easily digestible food. Including raw food like fruits and vegetables in your baby
s meals make the diet fibre rich. Fruits contain natural sugar in the form of sucrose, which fulfills the sugar needs in the babys body without adding empty calories to their meals hence preventing obesity. To know more ways to include fruits and vegetables in your babys diet, click here.

6. Nuts and Dry fruits: Dry fruits are extremely rich source of minerals and proteins, which make your kids smart and healthy. The dry fruits improve overall growth and development of your kids
body. Dry fruits like Almonds and Walnuts are rich in dietary fiber, magnesium, iron and calcium. It boots the metabolic rate in the body and enhances memory and mental activists in your kids. Sun dried dry fruits like raisins and cranberries, are high in sugar content which takes care of energy requirement in the children and also reduces hunger pangs in hyperactive children.

7. Milk and milk products: Milk is a very rich source of calcium, protein and vitamin D, which helps to develop healthy bones and teeth in your kids in their formative years. Yogurt is a
probiotic, which regulates the digestive system and prevents diarrhea and constipation. Ghee is a rich source of fatty acids and soluble vitamin A and E. Ghee is also a great source of energy.

I guess by now you are an aware parent, who knows what needs to be included in your kids
diet. Heres to the good health of your child, the nations future.


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