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Iron is one of the most important components that one’s body requires in order for us to function properly. For pregnant women, the requirements for the same are double folds. On a regular basis, the human body is 18 mg, but for a pregnant woman the requirement is about 27 mg per day. There are medicines available that will boost up the iron content in the body, but there are a great number of organic foods that will do wonders to your iron levels.

So what does iron really do and why do you need extra doses during pregnancy?

Firstly the amount of blood in our body increases during pregnancy, a woman needs to have at least fifty percent more blood than usual. The iron that we consume will help generate haemoglobin. The placenta is a storehouse of power for the growing baby inside, the iron helps to give the baby the nutrition it requires for a healthy life. The haemoglobin level in most women tend to fall during pregnancy, extra iron content in the body will help to make the woman stronger till delivery and also prevents pre-term delivery, low birth weight and ensures a healthyy baby and mother.

The following are some of the natural foods that a pregnant lady should have:

  • Organic Spinach- Organic spinach is grown naturally and utmost care is taken to avoid any pesticides. For this reason organic spinach is a good choice when you need to consume pure and unadultrated form of spinach. There are a great many varieties of spinach available in the market, but you must ensure you choose the organic variety. Spinach is also rich in fibre that helps in cleansing the system internally.  Spinach also has stored chlorophyll, which provides a boost of energy. For all these reasons it has a great nutritive value for expecting mothers.
  • Beetroot- Beetroot not only has an amazing capacity to increase the level of haemoglobin, it has other nutrients like vitamin A, folic acid and much more. Blood pressure is an issue during pregnancy; beetroot will help to lower your blood pressure levels as well and help protect your heart.
  • Meat- For a non-vegetarian, eating meat not only provides you with your dose of protein, but also gives you the required iron that your body needs. Certain sea fish like tuna and Salmon are a great source of minerals and vitamins, some catfish varieties and highly recommended for iron deficiency. Prunes and Prune juice- Prunes are a great source of iron and a shot of prune juice every morning is bound to boost those dipping levels of iron content in the body. This has become very popular as well.
  • Whole Wheat Bread- Instead of munching on the milk bread that are oh so tasty, switch to the whole wheat bread. The taste is not the same at all, however, all one needs is a simple adjustment and adaptation to one’s taste buds.
  • Roasted Pumpkin seeds- A rage amongst celebrities, and healthy freaks all over the world. Pumpkin Seeds provide a good source of iron content. It can be had as a light snack. Easily available at any health store close to you.

Iron is extremely important in your body; however, you must try and avoid having any form of iron while consuming any calcium boosting foods. It is not that one should avoid it, it is just that the two clash and do not perform as they are meant to function. For example, if you are consuming calcium in the morning then it is advisable to  have iron food supplement at the night. The reason for consuming these two minerals hours apart is that the calcium does not allow the iron to get absorbed in the body. If these things are taken care of, then the fetus development during the gestation period and the pregnancy would be smooth.

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