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Introducing your child to solid foods is a huge step to push your child to be independent. However, as parents, like every other thing that we do for our child, selecting the right food is extremely important.  For one; introducing your child purely to organic baby foods is absolutely essential. Organic grains, Organic Dals, Organic Fruits and vegetables, will ensure that your child gets the nutrition that they need to grow and develop. Organic foods are free from any pesticides and preservatives, thus ensuring your baby has a chemical free diet. As parents it is important to make the right choices for our children. Ideally a child can start solids after five months; however, it is best to check with a medical advisor before starting on solids.

Food is extremely important as it the fuel to our body, however a baby cannot be exposed to all kinds of food at one go. The body takes times to get accustomed to food as the previously all that the child had was milk. Moreover all baby foods need to be prepared carefully and an extremely hygienic way. Always ensure that the utensils that are being used to prepare the baby foods are thoroughly washed and sterilised, before and after every meal. This is important as till will shield the child against bacterial and other infections.

There are a great many process baby foods available, the following are the top five baby foods that you can introduce your child to, which you will be preparing at home-

  • Organic Rice- Of all the Organic grains, you should start with rice. Rice can be easily digested by the child and is filling at the same time. Initially, there is no need to add anything in it. Do not add salt or sugar, as the child gets enough salt and sugar from the milk. If you want to add any salt only a pinch should be good. The rice should be boiled well, in fact, it should be overdone. Once the rice is cooked it can be easily mashed with the help of a spoon. Considering, you child will not have any teeth.
  • Apples- Apples are extremely health and full of vitamins. Moreover, it protects the digestive system from any harm, thus ideal for a baby, helping its digestive system to cope with the food. Organic apples are usually the best option. The best way to give it to the child is- cut half an apple, boil it well, or cook it in a pressure cooker. Dry the water, however, the apple should be slightly moist. Once cooked the apple can easily be mashed or pureed with a spoon.
  • Bananas- Bananas are rich in potassium, which is excellent for brain activity. There is no need to cook the banana. Make sure you clean your hands well before mashing it, or use a blender to puree the same. It is easy to digest and great for roughage as well. You could make your baby’s food more interesting by adding the apples and the bananas together.
  • Organic Dals- If you raise your child with a preference for non-vegetarian food, ensure you do not start the same before the child is about ten months old. Protein is extremely important. If you are a vegetarian, Organic are an excellent form of protein. To start with you could start with lentils of the small yellow or orange variety, popularly known as Moong and Massor dal. It can either be prepared as a soup or given to the child, or cook it together with the rice and combine the too.
  • Carrots and Sweet Potatoes- Most children hate their vegetables, but it is the most important competent of their meals. The vegetables provide the maximum amount of nutrition. Try not to start with the leafy variety; the best is to start with carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes. You could make it into a puree after boiling the same of mix the same with your rice and dal.

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