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Are you pregnant and thinking what can be the best superfood for you? Try Organic Amla.

Amla is commonly called the Indian Gooseberry and resembles lemon. This bright green fruit tastes sour and is loaded with vitamin C and anti oxidants. Apart from these the fruit contains phosphorous, calcium and iron.

Why Amla in pregnancy?

You can boost up your energy levels and rejuvenate your body cells. In pregnancy Amla is a good choice as it reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Let’s see some of the benefits of having organic Amla

  • Often expecting mothers face the problem of constipation, with the proper use of Amla you can regularise your bowel movements as Amla is rich in dietary fibre.
  • For would be moms a normal blood pressure is a must. In take of organic amla normalises the blood pressure as the Vitamin C in amla dilates the blood vessels.
  • Amla maintains the lipid profile of pregnant moms.
  • Often expecting mothers face problems of acidity and heart burns; amla jice helps pregnant women to tackle these issues.
  • Organic amla removes the toxins and free radcals from the body of a pregnant woman.
  • Anemic conditions during pregnancy can be treated with the regular use of organic amla as the fruit is rich in iron content.
  • Amla acts as a detoxifier for the pregnant moms. It gives a fresher and a healthier look to the skin.
  • Organic Powdered Amla aids in proper digestion thus helps pregnant lady to get rid of gastric issues and indigestion.

  • Often ladies report of UTI during pregnancy, Amla helps in eradication of any kind of urinary infections.
  • Common cough and cold can be avoided by regular use of Amla.
  • Any kind of mood swings a distress can be handled well by organic amla the reason been this green fleshy fruit handles nervousness and anxiety.
  • The high calcium levels in organic amla make your teeth and bones strong.
  • Gestational diabetes is a common problem dring pregnancy. Proper usage of Amla in form of juice or powder controls the sugar levels in the blood.
  • You can avoid preterm pregnancy with the regular se of amla.
  • Amla juice helps in memory enhancement of babies and also promotes lactation after delivery.
  • A pregnant lady can get rid of swollen feet with reglar intake of amla.


How to include Amla in your diet?

If you are pregnant you will enjoy the tangy flavour of amla. Here are few recipes which you can incorporate in your daily diet.

Pickled amla is the best choice as mid morning cravings. The tangy flavour will all the more soothe your taste buds.

If you are looking for a healthy salad option, dice one full amla and mix it with other fruits. This combination is best for a pregnant woman.

Enjoy amla juice with the right amount of mint leaves. This fresh juice is full of anti oxidants.

If you have developed a sweet tooth during your pregnancy, dip the diced slices of amla into organic honey and relish this instant dessert.

There are no side effects involved with Amla; however you must take advice from your doctor before you start your amla diet.

From where to get your organic amla

Organic amla are easily available from Ayrvedic stores. They are available in form of amla candies, amla juice or organic powdered amla. Amla is quiet cheap as compared to other supplements taken during pregnancy. There are various portals available on web which provides you with quality organic amla.

Ways to consume organic amla

Here are some ways to consume organic amla which can treat pregnancy problems:

  • If you are suffering from hemorrhoides consmed organic powdered amla with curd.
  • Powdered amla before bed time cures the acidity problems.
  • Amla mrabba can cure high blood pressure problems.
  • Powderd amla taken with cow’s milk can cure diabetes.
  • Half spoon amla juice, 22 to 3 grams of peepal powder and 2 to 3 spoon full of honey can cure you from acute cough and cold.

For more information about organic Amla, click here


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