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Once you are a parent, the most important mission in your life is your baby’s comfort. Every decision that you take and every change that you bring about, is solely directed towards the comfort and well-being of your baby. 

The first and foremost aspect that you need to inspect is the physical comfort. Parents of newborns sometimes concentrate so much on the diet aspect that the physical comfort and nurturing take the second position. Whereas, especially in the case of toddlers who can’t even express themselves, parents need to be overtly conscious of  the fact that the baby is not in pain or suffering discomfort or is being exposed to chemicals in the daily routine. Here are 6 elements that may sound sorted but as parents you should render proper attention to these in order to ensure your baby’s comfort.

Diapers: Diapers do spare the parents the ordeal of changing the baby’s nappy every now and then, but if not chosen properly, diapers can in turn affect your baby’s health in a negative way. Diapers are essentially made of three layers – Inner, absorbent and waterproof outer layer, all three of which should be mildness tested, chlorine free, fragrance free and dye free. Also, the diaper’s elastic stretch should be longer so that it can be easily adjusted. Finding a good fit is extremely important because if the diaper doesn’t fit, it will cause leakage and ruin your child’s hygiene. 
    1. Diaper rash cream: If you notice diaper rashes, please remember that leaving your baby’s skin bare for some time until the rashes disappear, is not the solution. Those rashes have a clinical term called Infantile Irritant Inflammation Dermatitis (IIDD) and need to be cured with a rash cream. Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream is a the subtlest cream with the goodness of almond oil, aloe Vera, natural zinc and five-leaved chaste tree. Completely derived from natural ingredients keeps the area where diaper edges rub against the skin, clean, cool, soft and absolutely rash free. 
    1. Cleaning wipes: This is the most important aspect of a baby’s hygiene and should be chosen very carefully. It is important to clean your baby’s bottom during every diaper change and not just once or twice a day. The wipes should be sufficiently wet, mildly fragrant and adequately thick to clean effectively. The gentleness of your baby’s skin deserves the nurturing touch of natural ingredients like aloe vera and Indian lotus extracts, the goodness of both of which is preserved in a pack of Himalaya Baby Wipes. 
    1. Shampoo: Your baby’s scalp is more sensitive than you can imagine. Even a slight chemical treatment can make your baby uncomfortable. At the same time it is important to clean your baby’s scalp every alternate day. Use a shampoo with just a few mild ingredients as a lot of ingredients exposed to the baby’s scalp can cause rashes and other dermatological problems. Also, look for a shampoo with no or very mild fragrance. Formaldehyde is one substance in shampoos that you should never pick for your baby.
      Pick a Baby Shampoo that pampers, not the one that makes your baby cry. 
    1. Creams and lotions: A baby’s skin is already soft and supple yet you need to use a cream to retain the moisture and complement the suppleness of the baby’s skin. Choose a baby cream mixed with natural ingredients and make sure that the texture is not very heavy nor it the cream very fragrant. In winters especially, use milk based baby creams for better moisturizing. Best Baby Creams enhance the gentleness of the baby’s skin with minimum chemical intervention. 
    1. Detergents: Since detergents do not directly come in contact with your baby you might not pay much attention to this aspect. If you are washing your baby’s clothes with the same detergent with which you wash your own clothes, stop right away. You need special Baby Detergents to wash baby’s clothe. These detergents have mild ingredients which will not cause rashes on your baby’s body and also have a superior action to keep your baby’s clothes germ free and gentle to your baby’s skin. 

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