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Breast milk is the best for your baby. The benefits of breast feeding your baby extend beyond only providing food for your baby. Due to the wonderful benefits of the same, most paediatricians all over the world recommend exclusive breast feeding for the first six months since birth. The advantages of breast feeding provide benefits for both mother and child.

What are the advantages that it provides to your baby?

Apart from breast milk being your baby’s first food and the fact that it is extremely light and easy to digest, breast milk is full of nutrients and vitamins which will benefit your child throughout their lives. Breast milk contains properties that will protect the child from illness and viruses. Studies have proved that the longer a child breast feeds the more it aids in sharper brain development. The more Organic the content the richer the nutritional value will be.

What are the advantages that it provides to the mother?

With respect to the mother, even though during pregnancy and after delivery the woman will have a disfigured body and enlarged breasts, but one must be rest assured that the same is just for a year. Every time you breast feed your child, the hormones in your body will instruct the abdomen to be tucked in. Moreover, breast feeding will also help to burn the excess fat in your body. The longer you breast feed your hair and skin will look healthy.

There are medicines also available in the pharmacies to aid in artificially boosting the lactation process, however, there are a number of natural foods if consumes regularly will aid in the formation of breast milk allowing you to give your child a healthy boost to life.

The following are the foods to increase the lactation-

  1. Water- Drinking lots of water, has actually proved to increase the level of breast milk, it will in the liquid level in your body and boost the production of breast milk. On a daily basis it is healthy for a person to have at least eight glasses of water every day, so when you are breast feeding make sure you increase your water intake.
  2. Organic Oats- Ensure that you eat a healthy helping of oats at least thrice a week. Oats not only help to control ones cholesterol levels and keep the blood pressure in check, but is excellent to aid in the process of lactation.
  3. Organic Flax Seeds- Organic Flax seeds are great source of Omega 3. Not only does it help in the lactation but will also ensure that your baby also gets a dose of Omega 3 fatty acids that will also boost the brain activity.
  4. Organic Garlic- For centuries adding garlic to a new mother’s diet is every midwifes advice. Not only does garlic help to keep the body warm but it has its effects in increasing the supply of breast milk. However, there is no need to go overboard with the amount that one needs to consume.
  5. Organic Carrots- Carrots and rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which, is highly demanded by the body after delivery, especially when one is nursing. So the more carrots that you eat the better you lactate. Snacking on Organic carrots will not only provide you with the nutrition for you and your baby, but will also help you lose that baby fat.
  6. Organic Fennel- in India, most women is advised to sip Organic fennel and water throughout the day, as an excellent source to increase the level of lactation naturally. All one has to do is boil a pinch of Fennel seeds in water and sip it throughout the day. Fennel can also be sprinkled over salads. It also aids in digestion process and prevents flatulence.
  7. Organic Nuts- Nuts have anti-oxidants properties as well. Some nuts can be slightly fattening, however, when nursing it really does not matter. It boosts the level of lactation and also provides your child with nutrition.


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