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A lot of over-the-counter cerelac options are available in the market for babies. They all boast of providing a wholesome diet. But, the risk of adulteration always persists. This is why mothers always look for options which can be prepared at home. But, unfortunately they are not aware of them. Worry not! Take a look at a few homemade cerelac recipes, which are not only hygienic but ensure a wholesome diet as well. After all, your kid’s wellbeing is your first priority. Try your hand at these simple recipes that guarantee safety and nutrition for your child.

Cerelac #1







Cashew Nuts



Take a wok and add some ghee to it. Till the ghee melts, grate some nuts. Roast the above mentioned dry fruits in the ghee and then, leave it until cool. Later, roast all other ingredients on a medium flame. Once you start getting an aroma, you will get to know that roasting is complete. Once it cools down, grind all the ingredients to form a dry powder. Store the mixture in an air tight container in a cool and dry place. Before serving it to your toddler, just add two spoons of this mixture to half cup of lukewarm milk. Mix well until all lumps breakdown. Add some jiggery or sugar to it. If possible, you can also add fruits like mango, banana or a boiled and mashed apple.

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Cerelac #2


White/Brown Rice
Black Urad Dal
Green Gram
Roasted Gram
Moong Dal
Masoor dal

Wheat Dalia
Horse gram


Soak all the pulses and cereals in water for 10 minutes and then leave for drying. Once dried, roast all the ingredients as follows:

Rice (Roast it till they become puffed).

Dal (Roast them until golden brown).

Sago (Roast them till they become crispy and dry)

Wheat Daliya (Roast until golden brown)

Horse gram (Roast until dry and crispy)

Roasted Gram (Roast until it becomes crispy)

Green Gram (Roast till colour changes to brown)

Corn (Roast till they become golden brown or start to crackle)

Almonds and Elaichi (Roast until they start releasing an aroma)

Cashew (Roast until golden brown)

Let all the ingredients cool down and then blend them together. Sieve them to get a finer powder. You can store this powder in an airtight jar for at least six months. While serving it to your baby, just add half cup of lukewarm to milk to form a paste. 

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You can repeat the same procedure with the ingredients listed below:
Ajwain and Cumin instead of Elaichi
Pearl millet
Soya Beans
Chana Dal

Cerelac #3


Rice (uncooked)

Uncooked Moong Dal

Whole wheat

Jeera (cumin seeds)


This is an extremely healthy concoction for babies. You can start this once your baby turns six months old. If you wish you can add one to two tablespoons of almond powder to this concoction.

Dip rice, dal and wheat in water for some time and then rinse off. Let it dry for at least a day so that the moisture completely evaporates. Then dry roast all the three ingredients along with jeera. Once they start releasing an aroma, remove from the flame. Let the mixture cool down. Later grind it in a mixer to form a fine powder. Keep it in an air tight container. When you need to serve it to your toddler, take a pan and add a spoon of ghee. Roast at least two spoons of this mixture in ghee till an aroma is released. Then add water and bring it to boil. Make sure it attains a paste like consistency. Add either salt or sugar as per your baby’s liking as this is both a sweet and savoury concoction.

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