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Every mother want nothing but the best for your baby. But selecting the best from thousands of products can be very difficult indeed. How does one pick the best out from the vast number of products available? Every manufacturer will market their product as the best, but there are certain objectives markers which accurately measure the worth of a product.

Good baby products are not an indulgence. Sure, you could do with the average product, but if it's possible to get the perfect product, then it is recommended to do so. The results will be extremely noticeable and your child will be much healthier for it.

What are the yardsticks for a good baby product then? Read on to find out.

Rustic Art Organic Blueberry Baby Wash is a product that meets the criteria listed below. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed. 

  1. pH Balance

The pH levels of the product is one of the most important elements that will decide whether or not a product can be used. The skin of babies is far more sensitive than that of adults, so a product that leans towards either the acidic or alkaline side should be avoided. A mild, middle of the pH scale should be used. This will be labelled as 'pH neutral' on the product.

Ordinary soap bars are not pH neutral and this is why they are never used on babies. A product that is pH neutral passes the selection test.

  1. No Alcohol Content

Alcohol content in baby products is an absolute non-no. Alcohol tends to dry the skin quickly and in babies, this can leave them with extremely dry skin. The exception to this is cetearyl alcohol, which you will find on a few baby products. These don't cause dryness of the skin.

  1. What Ingredients Should Be Absent

Here's a list of ingredients you don't want to see on the label of your baby product: formaldehyde releasers, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Parabens and Phthalates. Each of these substances can cause a reaction to occur, and even cause some major health disorders.

We emphasize this point. Using products with these substances can severely affect the health of your babies, so don't go for them.

  1. No Fragrance Is Probably Better

Studies have been found to contain many allergens and these can lead to contact allergies. Fragrant products can also cause skin rashes, but this can depend from child to child. Babies with dry skin and eczema should avoid using these prodcuts.

Natural products don't have to fear the same risk as much. However, the same caution should be used when you're testing a new natural product on your child. If you notice something odd, discontinue the use of the product immediately.

  1. Dry Skin And Eczema

If your baby has dry skin or suffers from eczema, do not pick a product with fragrance. Emolliment based products are what you should be using. The first goal here is to repair your baby's skin. For that, you'll need to pick a good moisturizer that meets the criteria above.

A baby's skin is extremely sensitive - far more than an adult's - and many substances found in our environment can irritate the skin of a newborn. Rashes are not uncommon in babies and using an improper product can aggravate the problem. Oftentimes, the innocent ignorance of a parent, or the naive trust placed in advertising will aid the skin problems.

You've got to pay close attention to the labels on the products - the well-being of your baby depends on it. Until you baby's skin toughens up, you'll have to on your guard. This usually happens around three years of age, which is a long period of time for any event, child rearing even more so. So choose wisely and give great care to the kind of products your baby is exposed to.

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