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It’s lovely and exciting when you have to feed your baby with solids. As a mother it is one of your most important duties to infuse all nutrition into your child’s body. Avocados are the nature’s perfect food for your baby. This wholesome food has everything that a person needs to survive.

The good fat in avocados is essential for physical and brain development of your child. Try incorporating avocados as the first meal rather than introducing your child to cereals.

Avocados are sodium and cholesterol free and contain good percentage of Vitamins, Folate, potassium and iron which are very beneficial in early child development. Avocados if given in right quantities help in development of central nervous system in babies.

Why is an avocado the best baby meal?

Avocados are omega-3 rich food, so they serve the best choice as the first solid food for your child. Paediatricians always recommend green veggies first than the sweeter fruits. The reason behind this is if the child gets use to the sweetness he will not accept the less sweet fruit. Avocados can pass away as a veggie as well as a fruit thus it is the best meal for your little one.

When is the right time to introduce avocado diet to your child?

Often mothers ask a very simple yet an important question that when can they start giving avocados to their babies? Avocados can be given anytime from four to six months. It is the most nutritious first food for baby. An avocado should be perfectly mashed. The rich and creamy texture makes it easy for your little one to accept his first food.

For the entire first year babies require carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, as it’s their most important growth year. To make your first baby meal delicious you can mix homemade apple sauce and even yoghurt with the rich avocados.

As a young mother you will be offered many free advises which will make you confused. Many people will advise you not to offer avocados to your child as they are high in fats. Please disregards any such advises. Remember that babies need fat for their brain development and overall growth. In case of any doubts always consult your paediatrician.

How to cook avocados for your babies?

The easiest meal for your child is the avocado meal. You can serve avocados fresh, just peel it, mash it and offer the rich creamy taste to your little one. You don’t have to cook your avocados; this is the reason why avocado diet is the most nutritious diet as the nutrients are all in tacked.

Freeze your avocado meal

We all know that avocados turn brown when comes in contact with the air due to oxidation. At times for working mothers freezing avocados saves a lot of time. All you need to do is to puree your avocados. When you mash or puree the frit, browning seems to be less.

Another good way to escape browning of avocados is to dip it half cup of water and add two squeezes of lemon. Let the avocados slices bathe in this liquid and then transfer them on a parchment paper. You can put these slices in your freezer bags and store the freshness of your avocados.

Quick avocado meal for your child

Here is a quick meal full of health and taste for your little month. This creamy diet can be offered as the first meal for your child. You can introduce this meal anytime from four to six months.

  1. Peel a fresh avocado and de-pit it.
  2. Scoop out the meaty portion of avocado and mash it nicely with a fork.
  3. Now peel a banana and mash it finely with the avocado.
  4. You can puree the two mashed portions in a blender to obtain the right texture.

This creamy puree is full of nutrients and tastes delicious to your child as the first food.

Always remember before you start any kind of solids always consult your paediatrician.


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