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Food everywhere! I know it is a hard time feeding your baby. But you have to agree with me that when they make a mess out of their food, smearing over almost everything possible, they look so much more adorable. Though you have a tough time cleaning it! Kids learn as they play, isn’t? All you can do is take precautions to prevent their clothes from getting dirty. How do you prevent your baby from making their clothes as well as themselves dirty? Bibs, baby bibs! That one piece of cloth can save your day and can bring back your smile. Tie them around your baby’s neck and let them have their food their way. There are many varieties and usage of bibs to be found. It must have been some ‘tired of cleaning baby’s clothes mom’ who invented a bib. Whoever it is just saved our lives too, right! Disclaimer, some babies are allergic to bibs, in the sense that they will not be satisfied and would not concentrate on eating, until and unless they remove that bib of theirs from their neck.


How do bibs help?

You must be thinking how that small piece of cloth helps your baby from not making a mess while you feed them. Well, the answer is very simple. These bibs, when tied around your baby’s neck prevent the food from making their clothes dirty. Instead of washing the clothes that the baby is wearing, you just need to wash the bibs. They are easy to carry and easily washable. So isn’t time saving? Surely it is. Make your baby wear bibs and you can enjoy all those moments and cherish these memories years from now, narrating it to them.

Now, let us have a look as to how you can make feeding time less messy with bibs.

  • Tie them

Those feeding bibs of your baby should be tied perfectly around your baby’s neck. These feeding bibs do not cover all over the baby but covers the chest area where it is most needed. Just see to it that it is not too tight or does not have a rough neck line making the baby uncomfortable. You will also encounter that sometimes the baby is more interested on the bib than on the food, the best solution is divert the baby’s attention and voila!

  • Kind of Smock

These are nothing but the elder brothers of the usual feeding bibs. The advantage it has is that, it covers right from the neck of the baby to the hands and majority of the legs. So you are happier with this bib. This long sleeved thing is more like an easily removable dress when made dirty. And, you know, the best part is the baby does not even realise that they are even wearing one.

There you are! I guess it will help you make your baby feeding time less of a headache and more of a happy time. Using bibs would help save your time to a great extent and also save your energy which you would have otherwise spent on washing your baby’s clothes. Click here for that extra love and care for your baby.


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