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Bathing your baby is no child’s play. You need to be very careful about the products to use and the frequency to use them. Baby products are specially made with mild ingredients that do not irritate their already sensitive skin. But don’t worry we have got it all covered on how to make bath time a fun time!

Bath time for babies can be great fun time for your kid if you know what to do and how to do it. Babies hate the idea of takin a bath but you can change this attitude with the right technique and convert bath time into a fun time! So this is how you can add more fun to the baby’s bath time.

  • Some mild soaps and body washes

Babies have a very delicate skin while can easily dry up and break. Their skin is up to 6 times delicate than adult skin. They must be washed with a mild soap which does not dry out their skin but moisturises it actually.

  • Use these exiting shampoos

Babies have delicate hair hence they need a different shampoo than adults use. Their shampoos are milder than ours, having most of the natural ingredients that gently removed dirt from their hair in a wash.

  • Massage oil

Since ages our grandmothers have been right about a thing. That is massaging the babies with baby oils before giving them a bath. It has been proven that giving a massage before bathing is beneficial for the health of the baby in long run. It makes their bones and skin healthier and also provides healthy miniaturisation.

  • Cream it up with baby lotions

After the refreshing bath moisturise your baby with a light non sticky non oily baby lotion. These lotions form a protective layer on the skin and protect it from any infections while keeping it soft and moisturised. These are very mid and free from harmful chemicals.

  • Powder it up

A lot of doctors recommend using mild powders on baby skin which do not dry up the skin also do soak up excess moisture keeping the skin clean and dry. Baby powders do not soak up the necessary moisture but only the excess of it. Plus the smell of these powders is heavenly.

  • Try some all in one kit

There are a lot of all in one kit available in the market. These kits have a whole range of oil, shampoo, soap powder, creams and a lot of other things. These kits make bath time exiting and fun. The soft baby perfume can light up the atmosphere and raise your spirits for the whole day. While protecting the baby at the same time

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