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Out of the many wonderful things God has given us, babies are the best. They are one the most magnificent creation of God. Everything about babies is loved. Their smell, their smiles are all worth experiencing. We parents must use the best baby care products for your babies. A new range has been added to the extensive baby care range. This range is the perfume range.

Fragrances are a must for our wardrobes. Whether you are moving out for office or party or even grocery shopping spraying a few drops of perfume is a ritual for many. A recent new trend of introducing baby perfumes  has taken the fashion world by storm. There are various international perfume companies of the glamour world which could not have stopped them from producing baby perfumes too. Their range of baby fragrances is unlimited. The fragrances are tempting.

Perfumes are complicated mixture of chemicals. There is a huge amount of alcohol along with essential oils mixed with it. However baby perfumes are really not different from these. They also contain alcohol and essential oils.  Baby perfumes therefore is not recommended by doctors. Since babies have sensitive skin they are more likely to absorb these harm chemical which have adverse effect on our babies. Many times it has been seen that parents have come to doctors reporting severe and mild allergic reaction on baby skin. Though rashes from perfumes are common, they also lead to asthma.

Many mothers who insist their babies to smell good they must just bathe them in water with organic liquid soap. They are suitable for the baby skin and provide great health benefits for the baby. However, if parents are insisting, then the best option for them is choosing organic baby perfumes. Organic fragrances unlike artificial fragrances are very healthy without any side effects. There are tremendous advantages of using natural scents for babies.

If you are creative enough you can also make your own babies perfumes. Baby perfumes at home can be made without any extra effort. Though home made products smell might not last for long, but them it will not harm your baby too. Add your favourite flavour and mix it with water or oil to get great smell. Use flavours which are beneficial.

Organic baby perfumes benefits-

  • No skin reactions
  • No discomfort faced by the baby
  • Since essential oils are used it keeps the baby fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Obviously makes your baby smell fabulous

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