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Remember how you let out that cry of immense joy when you had your little one? You know it was magical, don’t you? When you give birth tolife, it comes with tremendous responsibility. And no, it is not that mammoth a task. You probably must have heard about how we should use natural or organic products when it comes to baby care but how do you know what is organic and what’s not? Let’s find out.

  • What is organic?

Organic products refer to anything which is derived from an organism like plant, bacteria, fungus, etc. The organism through which the product has been obtained might or might not have been living at the time of its exploitation. To sum it up, organic products are those which are manufactured from organic raw materials, processed under organic procedures without involving any artificial, synthetic or chemical components.


  • Why organic?

We know babies are notorious beings. Indulging in a lot of playful activities is a part of growing up for babies, and we also know that these playful activities mostly consist of taking varieties of things into their tiny mouths, which is also how they are exposed to greater concentrations of intoxicants than adults. The smaller body mass of babies means that they will suffer even worse effects of the intoxicants than adults if they are exposed to similar amounts of those. Resultantly, the toxic chemicals get concentrated in the fatty tissues of babies and are found to be behind many juvenile cancer cases.

This is just one of the ailments. Higher concentrations of intoxicants mean a superfluity of diseases and problems. So now you know why you’re strictly advised to go for natural/organic products for baby care.



  • What products?

All products that you’re currently using as part of your baby care regime should be exchanged with natural ones with immediate effect. You want to give your innocent little one the best care, right?



  1. Baby creams


Since baby creams and lotions form the most essential part of baby bath and skin care regime, it should be taken as a compulsion to switch to all natural and organic baby creams. Go, preferably, for the ones that are rich in antioxidants. They help in preventing rashes, healing redness and itching.



  1. Baby lotions


Next come the baby lotions. As we’ve already established that baby bath and skin care products should strictly be organic, baby lotions come as no exception. A lotion formulated with natural ingredients will keep your child from multiple infections. A lotion derived from anti-germicidal herbs would be even better.



  1. Baby soaps and body wash


Now when we say baby care should be done with organic products, we include soaps and body wash in that category too. So you know if you want to bestow the best kind of care on your baby, Mother Nature is the way.



Other organic products that you can use for your baby are shampoos andconditioners, powder, baby oils, baby bedding, baby diapers and wipes, etc. Remember that your baby deserves the best care. Also, click here to browse through the various products that JBN has in store for your baby and you.


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