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The skin care range for baby products includes baby powder. Baby powder is quintessential. It is important to powder babies keeping some points in mind.

Baby powder is amorphous. It contains fine particles which mix with the skin. Baby powder has a great absorption property. It keeps the skin dry and the bacteria and smell away. Since they are used regularly and at intervals, parents must ensure that the product quality is of high standard and it meets the FDA norms.

Baby powder is not totally regarded as unsafe. They are safe till they do not cause damage to the baby skin. Baby care product range which we use must satisfy FDA laws. Only those powders should be used which are thoroughly tested. Since FDA approved baby powders are not harmful, there are still many tips which are given to parents when they use power for powdering their babies.

Benefits of powdering-

  • Keeps the baby dry
  • Maintains skin balance
  • Makes the baby smell fresh
  • Fights bacteria

Corn starch based talcum powders

These days after research on talcum powders doctors suggest using corn starch containing powders rather than talcum powders.

Tips for using powder for powdering:

  • Ask for your paediatrics suggestion. Ask him which baby powder you should use.
  • Use corn starch baby talcum.
  • If you baby skin is too dry, then avoid using talcum powders. Use creams and ointments.

Tips to follows when using baby powder-

  • Do not pour bottle full of powder on your baby. Pour in your hand, rub it in your hand and then apply.
  • Always keep powder bottles closed.
  • Keep them away from the reach of children.
  • Never allow your baby to inhale as it is very harmful.
  • Rub excessive powders especially in the neck and arm region.
  • Never apply powder on the sensitive area.

Use only organic baby products

Organic baby products are available for kids. Switch over to organic baby product range as they are more beneficial. Organic baby powders are also available. They have great benefits. They fight rashes, allergies and even protect your baby from insects. For beautiful baby powder fragrances on JBN,click here.


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