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Baby wipes are a new kind of product prevailing in the market. These are soft thin towels dampened by alcohol free moisturiser and cleanser that gently cleans the baby’s soft skin and moisturises it. There are innumerable reasons as to why you should have baby wipes on your next baby shopping list. So go ahead and buy these

Baby wipes are the invention of the decade. For years mothers and nannies have been facing the problem of wiping the soft delicate skin of babies. They used cloth, tissue sometimes cotton but nothing was a complete solution. Thankfully we have a solution now. Its called baby wipes. This is a soft thin towel with a mild alcohol free moisturiser which makes it a damp tissue. There are a lot of reasons why you should use them to wipe your baby.

  • Clean it up

Baby wipes have gentle cleansing agents that mildly clean the baby’s skin without causing any irritation or harm to it. It can be used before changing diapers or as per requirement.

  • Alcohol free formula

Baby wipes have an alcohol free formulation which makes it super safe for the baby’s skin. This doesn’t dry up their skin and provides adequate moisture to the skin without making it too oily or sticky. These are also hypoallergenic.

  • Versatile use

You can wipe the skin before changing the diaper or wipe the mouth after a meal. You can also give a short sponge bath with these. These wipes have unlimited use, depends on where you want to use them. These are ultra-mild and safe to use.

  • Soft- mild feel

These wipes are softer than cloth and have more moisture than tissue. These are better than cotton as cotton leaves traces when applied on wet skin. These wipes are made from a very soft material that is very comfortable for the baby.

  • Nice packaging

These baby wipes come in an easy packaging where you can pull out one wipe at a time and reseal the case without letting the moisture evaporate away. These are travel friendly, can be carried in your handbag or luggage all the time.

  • Easy one hand use

Handling babies is a very difficult task and when doing so you cannot afford both your hands being stuck up somewhere. But these wipes can be used easily with just one hand. This hassle free solution can be very helpful to new mothers.

This is a miracle product which you must not miss. Baby wipes make everything easy to work out. Even when the baby grows up, he will still need these wipes to wipe off sticky hands, face after a meal or an outdoor game. Baby wipes have numerous other uses also. Depending upon the need of your child, you can customise these wipes. These are a hassle free way of keeping your baby clean and soft. Visit JBN for more info or click here.


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