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Bathing time usually consist of the monotonous activity of cleaning up the grubby parts of your baby. But, with bathtub toys being introduced, bathing becomes an altogether new experience of learning, playing and communicating better with the baby.

Playing with various bathtub toys like the little duck and sponge balls can prove to be an interactive way of gaining new experiences for the little one!

  • Helps the baby in understanding

The best thing with water is that everything floats on it. With the baby in the bathtub, trying to sink his little bathtub toy and failing would make him realize that what stuff is water made of!

Also, small little act of passing toys from one hand to another can be critically crucial in building up the confidence level of your baby.

  • Enhancing baby’s communication skills

When the baby is enjoying his bath, every tender word uttered from those little lips sound angelic! These small utterances only would provide him inspiration to learn more. And the major aspect of this learning is that it happens with the most important person in his life, you!

  • Escalate the bonding level

When baby spends the best time of his day with you, you find the association instinct upgraded to another level. Interactions become more fun and entertaining after each magical bath!

Various activities can be performed in the bathtub that would cheer up your baby.

  • Changing the colour of water

A variety of colours are source of fascination for babies. Changing the colour of water in your baby’s bathtub would stick him there for a long while.

  • Talk to your child

While your little one enjoys his refreshing bath in the bathtub, try talking to him about bathing habits and cleanliness. Slowly and steadily he would grasp these minute details and inculcate in his nature.

  • Racing games

Being inexperienced and pristine to the worldly matters, every incidence beguiles your little one’s attention. Simple act of creating waves would dazzle your baby and he will love to do it again and again. Over these waves keep his favourite bathtub toy and ask him to make it reach the other end. He would love doing it all day long!

  • Bath slime

A natural slime made of gelatine, lemon juice and some drops of green food colouring can be another fun filled activity for your baby. Drop some slime upon his tiny hands and

ask him to scare his toys by being a monster.

Baby soap also can make a fun filled venture. Playing small games like finding the lost soap, rub the soap etc can be entertaining as well as useful for your baby.

Having a good and enjoyable time in the bathtub will make your baby go for a bath voluntarily each day. Primary aim of conducting such captivating activities is to help him learn while he enjoys. Click here to explore more baby stuff.


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