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With the spurt of growth in technology, managing smelly diapers has become very easy. Nowadays, "smart diapers" are available in the market. These have a chemically treated tab on them that monitors the bacterial, electrolytic, pH levels etc. of the baby constantly. The tab turns different shades of colors to indicate various issues which can be tracked on a smartphone app by mom or dad. Visit to know more.

Steps to effectively managediapers

  • Strap diapers correctly: Read instructions carefully before strapping the diaper on your baby. Improper angle can cause the fluid and excrements to leak out, which will cause infection.
  • Proper posture of the baby: Putting your baby in a correct posture will prevent the waste materials from leaking out. This will also correct the posture of your baby thus helping in proper skeletal development.

  • Disposal of used diapers: Proper disposal of the diapers after use is very important so as to maintain a hygienic and clean surrounding. A clean environment is necessary for the growth of your baby, and disposing off diapers at the proper place is one of the most important tasks.

  • Do not overuse diapers: Everything has a limit! Do not overuse diapers as they lose their fluid holding capacity after some limit. Moreover, overusing unclean diapers can cause infection and rashes which is not what you child deserves. Know more about baby care here.

Which diaper is best for your child?

  • ISO certified company: Yes, company does matter. Purchasing diapers from an ISO certified company is very important as they have passed the tests required for proper child care. Do not go for cheap diapers from unknown vendors or companies.

  • High fluid holding capacity: Go for diapers which have high fluid holding capacity because they can keep your baby dry for a long time. Antifungal diapers are available over the internet that ensure no leakage and full sleep at night.
  • Bacterial resistance capability: Many diapers nowadays come with bacteria fighting natural supplements like aloe vera gel. Go for organic diapers which have natural extracts that will help keep your baby's skin rash free.

  • Comfort: Taking all the technical things in mind, do not overlook the comfort part. If your baby is not comfortable in a diaper then he/she will not get a good night's sleep, which will eventually lead to sleep deprivation and irritated temper.

Note: Seek medical attention immediately if your baby experiences any infection or allergy by a particular brand.

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