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Who does not like babies? They are like these cute little bundles of joy. But, they are a bundle of joy only when they are healthy and fit which depends on how often and what they are feeding. Babies need to have a lot of healthy and nutritious food for the sake of their proper growth and development.

Make the baby comfortable

The best time to feed your baby solid food for the very first time is when he is feeling bright eyed that is in the morning or right after a nap. Try to make sure that your baby is hungry but not starving because it might make him cranky. Bananas and avocados tend to be easy transitional foods.

After your baby has gotten used to the act of eating, do not bore him with the same food. Try to give him some variety and introduce new foods to him to keep him interested.

No research says that we should give our babies a bland diet. So, once your baby starts liking and enjoying a food plain, try introducing the same with a bit of mild herbs and spices. Try blending cilantro into avocados, nutmeg into sweet potatoes and cinnamon into apples. There are endless possibilities.

Try out new ways

Try to make your baby familiar to the food. Do not feel guilty of parking your baby in an exersaucer while you make dinner. Try to make her see your relationship with food. It may make your baby a better eater. But, of course be sure to put away that knife you use to chop vegetables. Also, try to bring your baby to the dinner table. This will allow your baby to see you enjoying your food. Also, do not push on yourself on feeding your baby. Let them pick up their own food and put it in their mouths on their own. Babies enjoy this act. It lets them choose what they want to eat first.

Do not try to bribe your little one into getting some dessert for eating that broccoli. Instead try to make his food more interesting to the eyes and the mouth somehow. Offer dips maybe. Try some hummus, yogurt and cottage cheese.

Relaxing is necessary

At the end of the day, relax. It does not matter if your neighbour’s baby has started eating solid food earlier than your baby. It is not a competition. What should matter to you is your baby’s health. Just try to have the right attitude and put the right food on the table and he will come around eventually.

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