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No one can stop a toddler from dirtying himself by playing on the ground as no one would wish to refrain him from doing things.Once a baby starts walking by himself, he will surely dirty himself while playing around.Bath time is also one of the most important times when a mother can bond with a baby. It is a special experience that is enjoyed from the core of the heart of a mother.

Some of the baby kits for the bath time are encapsulated below.

  • Baby cleanser

Usage of water only for cleansing the skin of a baby can harm the delicate skin of a baby. When hard water or chlorinated water is used on the skin of a baby, it can dry the skin of a kid and can cause moisture loss. A cleanser can be used to clean the body of the kid. The cleanser should maintain the pH of the body and at the same time effectively clean the skin without causing any irritation as such.

  • Baby shampoo

The shampoo selected for the toddler should be a mild one as these gentle shampoos do not cause irritation to the eyes in case they enter the eyes. Apart from cleansing and not causing irritation, these also help in the growth of shiny and silky hair. A conditioner can also stop the tangling of hair. A conditioner helps in combing the hair easily without pulling the hair and causing trouble for the baby.

  • Baby Lotion

A good baby lotion should be used after bathing the baby as it will help in nourishing the skin of the baby. As the skin of a baby is really sensitive, it is imperative that a baby lotion should be kept handy and used as and when required.Lotions aim at keeping the skin soft, moisturizing it and keeping the skin delicate. A chemical free lotion is the best choice for small babies.

  • Baby wash

A suitable baby wash that can destroy the germs present on the body of the small one is a necessity in a house with a toddler. Making use of such a product makes sure that the baby’s skin is kept miles away from the germs that can cause infections or irritation to theskin.

Other things that should be kept in mind are that the water should be lukewarm and not warm to an extent that causes boils to the skin.Regular massages should be given to a baby. A soft towel should be used to dab thebody, and the body should be wiped very gently. It should also be taken care that the baby should not be left unattended even for a split second. Click here to explore the products for the same.


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