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Baby Food and nutrition is a very important knowledge for all mothers. We should provide the right food at the right stages of the baby’s growth to maintain proper and healthy growth. Baby Food is something that fills all mothers up with great dilemma. Great care must be involved in the preparation of delicious, nutritious foods that can be digested by their tiny ones.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you sit down to think out what to make for your naughty little one.

  1. All or Nothing–If you are worried that you’re a very bad cook, Don’t! Cooking baby food is no astrophysics; it’s just a little reflection of your love. So try out from the basic cereals to mashed fruits to learn what your baby loves the most.

  1. Its Not Complicated –Your little ones can’t digest complicated cuisines and recipes. Make it simple and well cooked in a semi-liquid format. All you moms out there, Smash ‘n’ Serve!
  2. Check out those Tins –Supermarkets are stacked with piles of canned baby food. Thesegenius brands bring out all sort of combinations; Apple, Banana and Rice Cereal! Now who thinks that!
  3. Little By Little –Always try out new cereals and fruits. Watch that little face and find out what the baby wants. So make only a little while trying it for the first time.
  4. Steam or Bake –Cook the food properly before pureeing to break down the “fibers” that helps your baby’s digestion.  It is recommended to cook fruits like pears too.

  1. No Dilution –Your baby can’t start handling thick solid foods, but that change soon. Use water/milk only to get it through the blender. Otherwise dilute the food only to the minimum and dilute further with little spoons of milk only when your baby finds it’s hard to eat.

7.Research –The internet knows everything about anything on this universe. Surf the web and try out all those preparations. Surprise your tiny one with new dishes every day .There are many websites that give detailed description on the food preparation for babies, what to give and what not to. The more you know, the better it would be for the baby.

Thus only age-appropriate food must be fed to the little babies. Various Cereals, Fruits and other Recipes are widely available on the internet. All it takes is some time researching to try out unique dishes for your baby. Can everyone now hear those happy laughs and smiles? Have you made your precious little one happy?

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