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All parents know how picky kids can be when it comes to food. Interestingly they are drawn towards junk food and it is extremely difficult to get them to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Then again there are the kids who don’t like to eat at all and they have to be cajoled to do so. In such situations despite the best efforts of the parents, they cannot maintain a healthy diet for the kids that will provide them with all the nutrition. It is also true that most parents are following hectic schedules with little time for cooking. This is the reason that you need to take some action to provide your kids with all the nutrition needed for their rapidly growing bodies. One way of doing this is to give your kids a dietary supplement as required.

These supplements are quite easily available in the market, but few can claim to be organic and 100% natural. This is important because the supplements you give your kids should be free of pesticides, fertilisers and other harmful chemicals. The best part is that nowadays different types of supplements are available in online stores. These stores specialize in selling organic and herbal dietary supplements and other products for the overall health and well-being of adults as well as kids. Let us look at some of these products.


This is a blue-green algae that is mostly found in alkaline brackish waters or saline water in the tropical and subtropical regions. It is rich source of plant protein and also contains all the 46 essential nutrients required by the human body including vitamin B12 which along with protein is lacking in a vegetarian diet. There is beta carotene in spirulina which protects the cells from damage and Gamma Linolenic acid will help to control the levels of cholesterol preventing heart disease.

The best part is that it enhances the functioning of the immune system and also removes toxins from the body including heavy metals. All in all this is an excellent dietary supplement, but should be given to kids with the guidance of a nutritional expert.

Wheat grass

Wheat grass is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious people. It regulates the digestive functions, assists in the formation of red blood cells, and is a natural remedy for diabetes. It also detoxifies the body which is important if your kid eats a lot of junk food and is exposed to environmental pollution found in large cities.

Dietary supplement especially for kids

It contains several ingredients which are necessary for the fast growth rate of kids. These include protein, probiotics, poly unsaturated fat and one serving provides 440 Kcal of energy.

You can find dietary supplements for kids on the internet. Make sure to conduct a thorough research before you start giving any supplements to your kids. Also consult a pediatrician for the right kind of dietary supplements. Before choosing the product of any online store read some reviews and testimonials written by people who have already used these products. For more information regarding dietary supplements for kids you can click here.


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