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Here are some mandatory products should be used by mothers after pregnancy –

Nipple cream is a mandatory if your nipple are little sensitive and leaky. And also they reduce your nipple pain too and stops leaking milk. Improper practice of breastfeeding can lead to pains in nipples. So it’s better to use nipple cream during breastfeeding.

Diapers are a must and should have to say because we may not know when our baby pees and it’s better to dress up your baby with diapers. It makes them feel comfortable during journeys and precipitates and absorbs all the urine. And then you have to change your diapers. There are lot of diapers in India which include huggies and more.

Breast feeding pillow is a compulsory thing for mothers. As it makes them feel comfortable and reduces their strain. They can hold this breast feeding pillow behind or on them and place their baby on that and breastfeeds baby. And also it makes the baby feel enjoyable and pleasant with a feeding pillow. A breast feeding pillow is a very soft and delicately made for the safety of babies. And nesting pillow too helps mothers in breast feeding for certain positions.

Coming to baby carriers, it’s not a must for mothers who do not have a day job. It’s a must for mothers who are working and doing jobs, because it’s not possible for them to carry their baby everywhere. So they tie up their baby to baby carriers which are tightly arranged in back side of mothers. Consequently mothers can do their jobs and works carrying their babies by using them.

Besides, baby clothing and swaddling blankets are very essential for babies. Only some particular dresses should be soft, comfortable against sensitive skin and that can be removed quickly for frequent diaper changes. We can select any clothes depending on our style and colours but the cloth should be fine and soothing. Buy some good quality swaddlers for your baby comfort. They won’t disturb your babies sleep and make your baby feel pleasant.

Prefer feeding Nighties and Nursing tanks as breast feeding becomes easy and comfortable with them. Mother’s don’t need to undress themselves for feeding, they just have to open that certain outlet near breast part on their clothes. Prefer a good fabric nightie or bra for safety of your nipples as they will sore if they are exposed to harsh clothes.

In addition to all these there are some tonics which can make baby calm instead of crying. Some make baby feel sleepy. White nose machine is a better solution too for this purpose. And visiting your doctor once in a week will help you feel better. Click here for more information.


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