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Self Massages

Self massages are very effective as it is done by us. There are 3 kinds of self massages namely Belly Massage, head massage and back massage. You just need to buy a good effective lotion and massage on practice these 3 massages and all your pregnancy pains go in vain. Peppermint oil is very suitable for head massage as it gives relief to our head and cools it. And you may lie down in a bed for long time, so your back bone will be little sore. To that foam roller helps you get rid of that pain. It’s not abnormal to have aches and pains when you’re growing a human being in your belly, follow these massages, if you still have pains then better consult a doctor.

Other Massage oils –

Massage Oil containing lavender and arnica is a good solution to pregnancy pains. These oils go into our skin and play their part effectively.

Then sore muscle oil is considered as most effective as it is being used by most pregnant women these days. And also if you can’t spend much money for these costly oils, better use dilute essential oils which are safe for our body.  Chamomile oils, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang ylang have better pain relieving capacity.  Besides, Heating pads are considered safe during pregnancy because they just warm up the area you apply them to and not your core body temperature. 

InMiddle East Frankincense is known best as a holy oil because this oil has a variety of uses, from anti-inflammatory, anticatarrhal, anticancer, antidepressant, anti-infectious, antiseptic, antitomor, immune stimulant, and sedative. In addition to oils, the prenatal yoga and chiropractor would definitely help manage the pain.

Do terra oils to help supplement natural health care journey as do? TERRA has oil blends that are specifically designed for pain and inflammation but they have peppermint. And reminders for you don’t use any low cost cheap oils which are not 100% pure. Always use oils which are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils only for the safety of the women. Yoga and meditation can reduce your body pains to some extent and gives you relaxation. If you follow both self massages and oil massages you can definitely get rid of belly and all kinds of pains you are suffering from. If still you are facing any pains then prefer homeopathy or go to concerned doctor for betterment of yourself. Click here to know more about organic methods to have a smooth and happy pregnancy.


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