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Cleaning up the kids after a meal is one most tedious task on earth to do. After a meal, first the kids face has to be cleaned and subsequently his or her hands have to be dealt with. After the kid has been cleaned up, by this time it is time for the mother to clean herself up.

Some of the useful ways that can be followed to clean the baby are:

  • Put baby oil or petroleum jelly on the face of the kid to facilitate the cleaning process effectively.Carry the kid to the sink be tucking him or her under your arm.In case of a reluctant child, only hand dipped in water would be enough. A washcloth can be used in other cases to clean the face.

  • With the help of a spray bottle, a little water can be sprayed on the face and hands and the face and hands can be wiped thereafter with a suitable piece of cloth.
  • A small, soft wet cloth or a baby wash cloth can be heated for a small proportion of time in the microwave can be used. Before using it on the baby, the cloth can be checked if it is hot or cold.
  • The messy hands of the toddler can be immersed in a bowl of lukewarm water. Care should be taken that the kid does not spill the bowl of water on himself.
  • Using baby wipes for cleanup can be also effective as they not only clean up the normal food stains but they even have the ability to clean the stains caused due to ink.

It is necessary to let the kids stain themselves during a meal as the kid will learning to self feed. If only the kid is allowed to play with the food and indulge in eating a meal by himself then chances are there that he might start liking to feed himself and might start doing so in the days that follow. If a toddler is willing to get his hands dirty then he should be shown the way to eat and in some time he might start feeding himself.

Cleaning of the spilt food on the kids dress should be avoided as it will only lead to annoying the kid and making the kid grumpy. Cleaning should be done at the end of a meal and not in between the meal. If necessary, then a bath can be given to the toddler as it one of the most enjoyable things on earth to the toddlers. Managing the toddlers is definitely tedious, but it is not difficult.


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