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Making an informed decision about the diapers you put your baby in is a must. The wrong choice may lead to your baby having rashes and discomfort. With the wide variety of diapers out there, there are many factors to decide about before reaching your answer. Cloth or disposable, eco-friendly or not, European Sizes or Indian, cheap or expensive, are some of the dilemmas you will come across. Here are some basic guidelines to help you make the right choice.

  • Know Your Basics

The main parameters you should be judging a diaper on are absorption and comfort. After this, you see what fits your bill, in terms of eco-friendliness, cost and ease of use. Each family has a different preference with regard to these.

  • When and how

Wait till your baby is born and you know its weight, to buy the diapers. Making a hasty choice might lead to a waste of your money. Ordering diapers online makes the process easy—breezy for you-they can be at your doorstep before you are back from the hospital.

  • How many is Too Much?

Avoid buying diapers in bulk, till you are sure of which one suits your child. Another reason to avoid this is, you might only need a few packets of one size before your baby grows and needs a new size.

  • The Right Fit

European, American and Indian brands have separate sizing systems, so keep that in mind while exploring. The ages indicated on the packet are helpful, but might not necessarily be true for your kid.

  • Cloth or Not

Cloth diapers are more healthy, eco-friendly and less expensive than the disposable kind. A baby goes through about 6000 diapers, so if you are using disposable ones, you would be responsible for those going into the landfills. That being said, whatever suits your baby best should be the deciding factor.

  • Additional Help

No matter how great your diaper, a good set of cleaning wipes is always a must. In the trial and error process, your child might develop some rashes or irritation. A diaper rash cream is best kept at hand.Gentle soaps can help with this too.Diaper inserts make for extra comfort. With the available variety, you can make a fashionable choice too!

It is important to put your baby’s needs first when picking the diaper. Carefully observe how your child reacts to different brands, and you will have your answer. This is a vital decision, since it will determine your baby’s health and comfort for 3-4 years, so choose wisely!


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