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After a lot of giggles and playing with the teddy, it is important as well as healthy for the baby to have a good sleep. The period during the sleep will help both the baby as well as the mother to relax and refill their energy for the upcoming jolly sessions again. Creating the right atmosphere at home for the baby to nap smoothly consists of making arrangements such as choosing the soothing home decor . Getting the essential setting pre-arranged can be time saving not only to give the baby, the right amount of sleep but to be cathartic as well as to the mother. As said before after completing the nap and coming back from the world of dreams, again it will be a playtime for both, so getting proper rest really counts.

Arranging the right atmosphere for the baby to sleep

Getting the baby to have a proper sleep can only be counted successful when the home atmosphere is set well by choosing the right  home décor .

The following guidelines can really help to achieve the best relaxation possible for both the baby as well as for the mother.

  • Hours of sleep needed

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that how much your baby needs to sleep. The number varies according to the age. It can be ranging from 11 hours of night-time sleep for a six to only 2 hours and 30 minutes (two-naps) in the daytime for a 12 month-old.

  • Choosing of the soft colours

Harsh colors should be avoided as it can be make the baby more aware of his/hers surroundings. The colours that can be soothing to the baby’s eyes and help her relax; are blue, lavender, etc. especially relating to home décor or it may be as well any of the diffused colours that you think will be right for your little one.

  • Keeping it quite

A lot of noises can stimulate the baby’s senses and will make her stay awake. Take the baby to such a room where the noises can penetrate less. Also keep it in mind that the conversations should be taken outside the room, when the baby is sleeping. So hush! Hush!

  • Choosing soothing smells

Soft smells such as lavender or vanilla can help the baby to relax while she is sleeping. One should always avoid using strong perfumes/smells. So it is where incense or an organic candle can come handy.                                                   

  • Finally choosing soothing sounds

By soothing sounds one can mean a low scale low tune incurring voices or sounds as a pleasant tinkling of a bead wind-chime or a mother’s voice singing a sweet lullaby.

  • Of course, the other things one can do to make the baby more comfortable by making use of proper sleeping materials which will again fall in the section of home décor.

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So happy sleeping, baby and Mama!


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