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When your baby is in your tummy, people advise you to take care of yourself as you are not alone. You run to the doctor every now and then, include nutritious food in your diet and also do yoga. Just as you are taking care of yourself being pregnant, you should also take care of yourself after your welcome your baby home.

After you deliver your child, you need a lot of care for yourself in order to come back to your pre-pregnant state. This period marking from delivery to your body coming back to pre-pregnant stage takes about a month and more. This phase is called the postpartum phase. Just like pregnancy is a very crucial stage, the postpartum is also very sensitive as there are many changes which we women go through. The changes are good both health-wise and mentally. The body has to face emotional and physical changes, which is why extra care is required. New mothers need a lot of healthy diet, rest and help in the first few months to regain their strength and stability.


During pregnancy, you might have had many sleepless nights. Even those who give a natural birth and undergo labour do not get enough sleep. Now after you come back home during postpartum, you must take a lot of rest. Your baby has a different time schedule. You cannot get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. So sleep when your baby sleeps.

  • Keep your baby’s cot near yours. This prevents from moving when your child needs help.
  • Leave all your responsibility and concentrate on yourself and your baby.
  • Walking is recommendable during postpartum.
  • As your child grows, introduce breast milk bottle to relieve yourself.


After childbirth, the body has undergone lots of wear and tear. Mothers need to take care of their diet during postpartum. Since most mothers are lactating, it is essential to supply themselves and their baby with enough nutrition. It is recommendable to include these in the diet during postpartum period-

  • Grains- cereals are needed in the diet. Brown rice, oats and wheat are an important part of the diet.
  • Vegetables are filled with nutrition, so are fruits. Having these as a part of your diet is splendid.
  • Diary – dairy products are high in calcium. Calcium is very essential. However, focus on low-fat products.
  • Protein in the diet should also be selective. Lean protein is suggested

Along with a healthy diet, light physical activity should also be included in the as part of postpartum care.

Exercise and everyday physical activity should also be included with a healthy dietary plan.

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