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Babies can be a tough challenge when it comes to feeding them; they scream, they cry, they nod their heads, spill the food all over them and their moms. Seeing all the babies do this, I feel very proud when my mom tells me that I gulped down everything, no matter how much I did not want to. Feeding them can be way too frustrating, but regardless of that, we need to do it because it is not a choice to stop caring for them. However, maybe we can do a little something to make their meal time fuss free.

Hunger Clues

Maybe not as signs of hunger, but there are definite patterns in the actions of your baby that you might have noticed when the meal time is around the corner. The first one is crying – the most common of all, but it is a late sign i.e. when the baby is excessively hungry and can wait no more to fill its little tummy.

To avoid going far to that stage, look for signs like smacking or licking lips, opening and closing mouth and sucking its body parts or other objects; these are the initial signs. After that, the baby starts to get close to the chest of any person closest to it, tries to position itself for nursing, and keeps hitting you on your arm or your chest.

As soon as you find these signs showing up, get prepared for another war of the day.

How to Feed Your Baby?

  • Feed your baby on demand

Feed your baby only when you notice the signs of hunger, other times it will get toughto take it down their oesophagus.

  • Know the right time of the first bite of the day

The best time to get them to have their breakfast is when they are all bright eyed and active enough for their all day long naughty activities.

  • The more, the better

Try all the new combinations and different tastes while you can. Just like you, your baby might also get bored having the same thing every time. Experiment with the flavours and make your baby food exotic.

  • More than just feeding

This is the trick that most moms use. You just don’t feed them, but also interact with them, teach them new things or play with them. This will make the meal time more fun for them, and they will finish all of the food before even realizing that.

What’s best for your newborn?

The best food for your baby is undoubtedly the breast milk; apart from that cereal or daliya can also healthy alternatives. Most of their diet are liquid, so the need of giving juices, water or the fluids is minimal. Also, if he’s a spiller baby, use bibs to avoid changing and washing his clothing all day long.

Go on and the perfect mealtime with your little one. Do share your experience in the comment box below. For more baby care products from Joy by Nature, click here.


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