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Obesity in babies is common. Obese children tend to grow up to into obese adults too. Their height and weight are not proportionate. The weight is higher than the height. The primary reason for obesity in kids is their unhealthy lifestyle. Obese children face different health issues. Some common health problems due to obesity in babies are –

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Joint aches
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Depression

There are medicines which are prescribed for obesity in babies. Other than medicines, way out of it includes activity in children and also changing the food habits which the family has. The family members must take a healthy initiative towards a healthy lifestyle but following these steps-

Children copy those around them. Those who are in the family should adopt healthy habits. If adults have a healthy life system, they can control the weight of their children. Introducing the habits of morning walk and evening walk in the family is a healthy step. Activity is the key to beat obesity. Walking early in the morning and evening helps in burning fats and calories. Including other activities in the time schedule of the children is important. Swimming, dancing, playing cricket, football, badminton and tennis are great activities to reduce weight.

  • Along with activity participation in all sports, parents should also see that their children do not spend time in unideal Sitting in front of the television or playing on the mobile phones should be entirely avoided.
  • Junk food should never be eaten. Not even occasionally. Junk food means deep fried food, canned drinks; chocolates should not be given to obese babies.
  • Bring a gradual change in the family pattern. Discuss the health issues of your child. Make it a matter of great concern. Talk to your extended families so that they can also help. Inform people those who come to your house. One important pointer is asking people not to give your children chocolate, rather encourage them to eat a healthy diet.
  • Motivate your child to take part in various activities.
  • Get involved with your kids.
  • Praise them and reward them for their active participation.

Following these simple steps in fighting obesity in babies, will make it simple and effective. Obesity is increasing day by day. Fight it before it’s too late. Click here to get support for fighting obesity.


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