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At age 4, preschoolers have colours and shapes down pat, and their numbers and letters are coming along. Because a trip to the park can sometimes feel like you’re packing enough items for a Mini-break, Playskool have come to the rescue. There are many gift suggestions for your baby.

Pedalling and Balancing

The transition from training wheels to a two-wheeler isn't always easy, but older preschoolers are coordinated enough to ride a scooter and pedal a bicycle. With a height adjustable handlebar, seat and removable drawer, this is the gift that just keeps on giving.


  • A basket with full of nourish- After bathing your baby, make sure you have  wash his bottom clearly Take off the nappy and wash your baby's bottom and genital area with fresh cotton wool and warm water. Dab a little ointment on the baby's diaper rash or circumcision wound if you've been advised to by a doctor. Purchase a basket with full of nourish which should be a bath soap, powder, cream, hair oil and all that.

Collaborating and Competing

Children are ready to play sit-down games -- staying at the table from start to finish, following the rules, and waiting their turn. This is one cliché that rings pretty true—little girls love ponies and castles. In fact, moms are fond of them too. Let the grandparents go overboard, but you and hubby can get baby just one special thing. Mesmerize your baby on the go with a light spin of this vibrant toy that can attaches to lots of gear, including a stroller or carrier.

Creating and crafting

When starting preschool, kids become busy refining key social skills to help them create and maintain friendships with their peers, puzzle game, especially a floor puzzle, as a group is a great way for children to work on communication. Even if you're not with relatives for the holidays, you can still surround baby with loved ones by laminating small photos of family and friends and using them as tree decorations or by just making sure lots of family photos are out around the house. Let him touch and smell a clipping from the tree. Excite his eyes with the tree lights, menorah flames, or sparkly decorations.



  • Lunch box & bottles- Choosing a lunch box can be confusing with so many different varieties and styles to choose from, considering all things from the size, finding an insulated bag to fit the lunch box and accessories. In theory, a lunch box only has a few specific jobs: It has to transport food from your kitchen to your kid's cafeteria, it should keep a meal reasonably intact and possibly cold, and a nifty design on the box or bag itself carries serious importance for most little eaters. Packing a lunch box from home means you can offer your child a range of healthy lunch options from the five food groups like fruits, vegetables and nuts.



Learning and Interacting

As kindergarten approaches, learning toys are popular, but they are educational only if they hold a child's attention. Play is the chief way those infants learn how to move, communicate, socialize, and understand their surroundings. You should choose learning games for your baby. It would be best gift for your baby.

  • Snacks & cereal- Snacks and cereal are also best gifts for children.  Baby loves it. So we should choose organic snacks and cereal for babies.



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