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An interesting part of children rearing is feeding them. If you are new parents I would inform you that feeding your baby is not only interesting but also challenging. The challenge is however not constant, it increases as your child grows. This phase of feeding is highly rewarding as your children not only gets the nutrition’s to grow but also you develop a strong healthy bond with your child as you sit to feed him.

Your baby is growing. Proving your baby with the right food is the greatest concern among all parents. At different stages of growth, different food is provided to the babies to supply the baby with right baby nutrition.

  • New born babies

The new born age is between births to 6 months. At this stage most babies depends on their mothers. Breastfeeding is best at this stage. It is both food and drink. The baby gets all nutrition from mother’s milk. However Vitamin D supplements should be provided. Those new born babies who do not take mother’s milk should be supplied with formula milk do not need to be supplied with extra Vitamin D supplements as formula milk already has it.

  • Older Infants ( 6 months-1 year)

At this stage the baby becomes partially dependant on mother’s milk. However, there are babies who still totally depend on their mother’s milk. At this stage, it is suggested that some amount of solid food which are soften should be included in the diet. Those dependant on formula milk, it’s a must for them. For the right amount of baby nutrition supply your baby with food containing iron. Solid foods which are softened should be supplied in small portions many times a day. Some iron rich foods are banana and eggs. Iron fortified cereals are great alternatives too. Soft cooked vegetables can also be supplied.

  • Young children (1 year-2 years)

A variety of food should be incorporated at this stage. All kinds of baby nutrition food should be supplied. You might breastfeed too. Routine food habits should be established. If your baby is no longer breast feeing 500ml of homogenized milk should be supplied each day. However milk supplied to your bay should not be more than 750ml. Soft fruits can be supplied along with baby nutrition cereals. Whole wheat grain, soft cooked vegetables should be given. Meat and fish can also be supplied at this stage.

As you child grows and it able to sit make a habit of making him/her sit with the family during meal times. Give him/her his portion which he can eat all by himself. These habits are healthy food habits and helps in concept formation which is of great importance. Click here for healthy baby cereal.


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