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Even for a mother who is expecting her second child, feelings are not the same. As a parent your responsibility has been added and even if you try very hard at some point of time it is going to be exhausting. It will not only be change for you or your partner but for your first child too. He or she may take time to adjust with the changes and all this along with an infant will be troublesome.

The shopping list for your second child will be shorter as compared to the first one but will compulsorily include:

Nappies and diapers: Though after the birth of your first child you must have saved and kept aside all the nappies if you had plans for another one but while the regular use of nappies the cloth tends to get worn out and also has many stains. Mothers therefore opt for new nappies. And because diapers cannot be reused you’ll have to buy diapers too.

Teethers and soothers: At a certain stage babies need chewies because they start teething. To buy new chewies is the best option because the old ones get contaminated and may even cause infections or any disease to your baby.

Bottles and nipples: While your first child grows and uses his milk bottles he make use them in such a way that they break or may still be using them when you expect for the second time. For this mostly mothers choose new bottles and nipples too as they may also get contaminated.

General Medicines: As there is a minimum gap of one year between two children the medicines may get expired or even parents may discard them thinking of buying new medicines for their second child as with the passage of time new medicines will be available in the market. This includes baby rash creams, baby wipes etc.

Body care products: Same is the case with body washes, creams and ointments; they may get expired or may finish till the time your second baby comes into this world.

Clothes: Sometimes the old clothes get worn out or it may also happen that your two children of are opposite sex, though initially you may choose same clothes but later you’ll need new ones.

Mattresses:  If out old mattresses and blankets are worn out by their use you’ll have to buy new one for your other child.

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