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Nothing in the world has the power like a baby’s smile that can make your day. Such innocence and enchanting! They are so delicate and you need to handle them so tenderly. It is indeed a great responsibility to raise them safely. Babies are no less than wonders the way they start to exist even before birth and take birth. Hats off to mothers! During infancy utmost care has to be taken, because this is when babies are most vulnerable. Cleaning them, feeding them and understanding them has to be done being alert and with guidance either of the doctor or the elders. Bathing the baby regularly is not necessary. You can clean their face, neck hands and feet and their bottom though. There is a wide range of baby care products which would help you with that. Let us take a look at how can you ease your baby to a bath.

  • Massage

Massaging babies is very essential. It should be regularly done when their bones are still forming and moulding. It helps in giving them the good shape and strong bones. Massaging also moisturises the baby which would otherwise make the delicate skin of the baby dry and rough. But you should keep in mind that while massaging you use only baby massage oils as adult products may sometimes prove to be harsh on their skin. But do not forget to keep in mind that the place where you massage should be warm.

  • Head first!

Lean them towards the tub they bath. Apply organic shampoo on their head. Massage for 2-3 seconds, and wash gently with warm water. Make sure the water is not hot. To check the water, use either your wrist or your elbow.

  • Wash’em up

Now comes the actual action, bathing. Many babies do not like bathing at first but later it becomes their most favourite. Now the question is how you make it their favourite. Put them in the bath, give them some waterproof toys and apply soap everywhere. Swish the water gently with your hands making a cup shape to wash all the soap. Organic soaps are better as they contain less chemical.

  • Moisturise

Make bathing a fun experience. Let your baby enjoy at the same time not fall sick. Do not let them stay in the bath for long. After you bring them out, dry them, dry each and every part. Do not be too harsh, use soft towels. If its summer use baby powders and light moisturisers and if it is winters then either oil or thick creams or lotions.

See! It was not that tough, isn’t it? All you need is be a little careful, alert and have patience. If possible be a child again with them. That is not that bad an idea. Click here for caring for your baby and mothering it a little extra.


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