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When it comes to a baby's bowel movements, there is no normal schedule or structure. Like us adults, baby's bowel movement patterns may vary. Your baby may wait for a day or two between stools or may have it after every feeding. Your baby's bowel movements solely depend upon what she is fed, how fast she digests and how active she is.

Why is your baby getting constipated?

There may be several causes to why your baby may be distressed:

  • Formula Milk

Formula can be harder to digest than breast milk which may be causing the stool to become bulky and firm. Breast milk has the perfect balance of protein and fat, thus, producing soft stools.

  • Solid Food

The transition from breast milk or rather liquid diet to solid intake may also be one of the causes as it sometimes leads to dehydration. Also, the rice cereal which is usually the first food given to the baby in this transition period is low in fibre content.

  • Dehydrated

Dehydration will force his body system to absorb more fluid from whatever he consumes and also from the waste in his bowels. This in turn results in dry hard stools that are difficult to pass.

What can you do to help your baby feel relieved?

  • Increase the water intake

Make sure your baby is not dehydrated. Always feed her water in addition to her feeding to help her bowels to get cleaned properly.

  • Give your baby a belly massage

Lay your baby on her back, take some baby oil in your hand and place your hand gently on her tummy. Move your hand in a clockwise motion, massaging her tummy in increasing circles. Follow her reaction to control the amount of pressure.

  • Feed your baby high fibre foods

Babies are mainly started off with cereals. If your baby loves cereal, try turning to ragi and wheat for a while.

  • Apply lotions to help her heal

If your baby is passing hard dry stools, the delicate tissues near the opening of her anus is damaged a little. You can apply some aloe Veragelto help the area heal.

  • Make her feel good

Constantly clean her back with wet wipes to keep her in comfort.

  • Make her do some exercises

If she is already crawling, encourage her to crawl a bit more. Also, while she is lying on her back, lift her legs and move them in a circular motion as if pedalling a bicycle.

If none of these remedies help bring your baby's bowel movements to normal, visit a doctor right away. After all, "Prevention is better than Cure". Click here to browse through more varieties of products that Joy by Nature has in store for your baby.


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