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Several women complain of having sore nipples at some or the other point of time in their life. This problem is so grave that around two-third women suffer from it. However, this problem is most common in lactating mothers. This usually happens in the initial days of feeding when the infant is still struggling to figure out the technique sucking milk.Besides, there are several other reasons that are responsible for sore nipples; a few include ill-fitted bra, exercising without an appropriate sports bra, injury on the chest and excess dry skin. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome, and health ailments like skin infection, breast cancer and mastitis can also lead to soreness.A few symptoms of this problem include pain, itchiness tenderness and swelling. Besides over-the-counter medicines and ointments, you can try natural treatments too to heal sore nipples. Let us get to know about a few of them.
  1. Oil Massage

A gentle oil massage is really helpful in treating sore nipples. You can use oils like that of olive, coconut and sweet almond. These oils possess moisturizing properties, which keep the affected area nourished and thus, reduce dryness. Further, it also lessens the problems of cracks, chapping and tear.All you need to do is take a small amount of oil and heat it till it becomes lukewarm. Then dab some of this oil on your nipples and do a gentle massage. Follow it a couple of times in a day. However, if you are breastfeeding, make sure that you wipe your nipples before feeding your infant.

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  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known to be a one-stop solution for all skin ailments, including sore nipples. This is because it possesses natural healing and pain-relieving properties.Just scoop out some fresh gel from an aloe leaf and then, apply it on the affected area. Do not cover your breasts till the gel dries up. Then clean the area with lukewarm water and dry it using a soft towel. Follow this remedy at least four times a day. Just like olive oil, wipe off this gel before feeding your baby. Stay cautious as aloe vera can cause diarrhea in small babies.

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  1. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves contain healing properties and therefore, are quite helpful in curing several skin problems, including sore nipples. This superb herb initiates the healing process and thus, provides relief from dryness, pain, cracks and bleeding.Take a handful of fresh basil leaves and then wash them thoroughly. Then grind them into a thick paste-like consistency. Then apply it on your nipples and let it dry up. Then wash off before feeding your baby. Do it at least four times in a day for about a week.

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  1. Ice

For temporary relief from pain erupting due to breastfeeding and sore nipples, rub an ice cube on the affected skin. This remedy is helpful is as cold temperature numbs this tender area and thus, reduces swelling.All you have to do is wrap a few ice cubes in a thin towel. Then place this cold compress on the affected area for a few minutes. Follow this remedy a few times in a day till you feel better. In place of ice, you can also use a frozen packet of peas or carrots.

  1. Breast Milk

Well, breast milk too is an amazing healer. If the soreness in the nipples is due to breastfeeding, apply your own breast milk on it for instant relief.  This is because breast milk helps in healing sore, bleeding, cracked and blistered nipples. This milk contains anti-bacterial and healing properties, which are needed for treating sore nipples.All you need to do is dab a few drops of breast milk on the affected nipple before breastfeeding your baby. Also, do it again once you are done with feeding. Let the area dry up and follow it a couple of times in a day.


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