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As a mother, you sure must be concerned about how to give your baby a healthy start. All that your baby eats today will go a long way in shaping not just their physical strength and overall development but their mental faculties and more importantly their tastes buds for life!

But most food come backed with more harm than good in the shape of their chemical compositions, preservatives and artificial flavoring. Organic baby foods are best to give to your babies as they carry the goodness of nature with them, are easy on their tummies and have low risks of allergic reaction being gluten-free.

Here’s a quick guide to a nutritious and organic start with solids to help you give your little ones the best that they can get!

Introducing Solids

When weaning kids off breast-milk, it becomes important that we introduce healthy foods that can compensate for the resultant dietary losses. Pediatricians recommend that the right time to wean kids and introduce solids is after 6 months. A common (and healthy way to start) is by introducing kids to a single-grained infant cereal like organic brown rice cereal.

Besides this, organic avocados make great finger food for the little ones. Fortified with Vitamin E, folates and lutein, avocados promote eye health. Try adding organically grown (pesticide-free) bananas, green beans and apples (sautéed) into your kids’ daily diet.

Gradually, you may try introducing the baby to other organic cereals like oatmeal, organic quinoa and organic Ragi along with mixed varieties like rice-dal mixed cereals and the like.

A Healthy Organic Breakfast

Organic flakes like millets, corn or wheat flakes can be a good way to start your infant’s day. These organic baby foods are rich sources of iron, essential proteins and calcium and fibers that promote a healthy digestion and build strong immunity among kids.

Drinks & Juices

With the decrease in breastfeeding, adequate attention is demanded on maintaining the fluid levels in the baby’s boy and introducing organic formula milk and fresh fruit juices (diluted, though!!) becomes important at this stage. Some mothers continue to breastfeed at this stage too.

At the age of 1-2, it would be a good idea to introduce organic mixes that can be added to milk to fortify its nutritional value.

Healthy Snacks

This age is also the age when the kids start to teeth. Try giving them organic teething biscuits that carry natural ingredients only without harmful and unnecessary growth hormones, salt/sugar and artificial flavoring, colour or preservatives. These are perfect munchies that are also a good source of calcium.

Do remember to brush your baby’s teeth after every snack and meal to promote good oral health!

Organic Meals

Organic pasta and soybeans can also make good and healthy meals for your kids. Develop their taste for all kinds of food the organic way. While organic pasta is enriched with healthy nutrients like vitamins and minerals, organic soybeans are known to improve lipids in kids and provide proteins. is a good finger food for babies!

Cook pasta & soybeans with small chunks of veggies and fruits like pineapple to enhance its taste – your little ones would love it!!

Including Probiotic Yogurt into their diet to add a good source of probiotics that would ensure good gut health as well.

Some Common Foods To Use with Caution

While it is a good idea to add new varieties to the baby’s diet, one must exercise caution and introduce certain foods only at the right stages after consulting the pediatrician and checking for intolerance. For instance, organic wheat infant cereal, must be introduced only after 7-8 months as some kids develop allergic reactions to it.

At the age of 8-9 months, try introducing soy, egg whites and fish.

Ages 1-2 are appropriate for the introduction of shellfish, nuts and peanuts.

A good diet augmented with fiber-rich organic cereals, organic fruits & green vegetables,helps in a big way in brining good digestion and naturally-powered immunity.

For more information on health-promoting organic baby foods, click here.


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