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Irritability in babies can be brought about by a lot of reasons since they communicate discomfort, hunger sleeplessness or general boredom by crying or fussing or nagging. However, if your baby is consistently irritated it could be sign of something else. It could be stomach ache or rashes or a discomfort associated with his or her bed such as bugs or insects.

What is Bothering Your Baby?

You need to ask yourself first whether there have been any major changes in the baby’s schedule over the past few days. Has he or she been sleeping less? Do you think bowel movements have been irregular? Babies also get agitated if there is a lot of noise around them. Has there been hustle bustle in your home recently? They can feel if their caregivers are stressed or angry, especially if that is the mother. You must also figure out if the crying is something usual or prolonged. Some babies are fussy by nature while others rarely cry. There is also a need to follow the time pattern of crying – to note which time of the day baby cries the most which could help you figure out the cause. If nothing of this sort has occurred then you can check the bed of the baby to see if there is something bothering in there.

How to Identify Bug Bites?

Bed bugs are usually too small to see with your naked eye and their bites are painless. If your baby is getting bed bug bites then he or she will wake up with small red rashes on their body which will be itchy. Though these bites are not harmful as such but can lead to secondary skin diseases through too much scratching. One of the many reasons why babies get bites from bed bugs and such other insects is because they are not kept in one bed. You can identify such bites if you notice your baby scratching their legs or arms or other exposed parts of their body to some object. You can also spot blood stains on the sheets or a sweet smell if there is a high infestation.

The most important thing to do is to keep the baby’s bed clean and tidy. Sheets and wraps should be changed on a regular basis and the bed should be checked once in a couple of days to see whether there are any bugs or insects. The baby’s skin should also be inspected well when you are bathing him or her.

If possible, the bed, mattresses and wraps should be taken out in the sun once in a few days. Those with a history of bugs and insects in their house should be more careful. Click here to check out baby care products from Joy By Nature.   


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