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A baby's health is very fragile. Often, it is difficult to tell whether the baby is in good physical and mental health. The child will show signs indicating its health status. Being able to notice these minute signs goes a long way in helping you take good care of your baby. Here's a compiled list of ten signs that you have to look out for.

  • The sound of your voice and your touch calms your baby

Newborns are very nervous. They cry a lot. And not just anyone can calm them. In fact, if a stranger attempts to calm them, shrieks and yells result.
If your baby responds positively to your voice and touch, it is a sure sign that your baby is developing emotionally.

  • The baby is gaining weight and needs at least 8-10 diapers a day

This is symbolic of a baby that is getting adequate milk and growing healthily. A healthy baby is one that is feeding adequately! The quantity of milk the baby drinks may vary from day to day. But as long as the diapers need changing eight to ten times, you have no reason to worry.

  • Baby is quite, curious and attentive for sometimes everyday

 The baby is observing, learning and understanding. These are signs of a baby that is growing well mentally.

  • Baby quiets down and listens to new sounds
    The ability to distinguish sounds and classify them as mundane and interesting develops with time. Soft and melodious music is the perfect training for your child to pick up signs. If the baby is responsive to different and new sounds, it is a sign that the ears are healthy and developing  well.
  • Colours, patterns, shapes and movements are observed by the baby

Babies are born with eyesight that can see between eight and twelve inches away. By one month, this distance becomes eighteen inches. By two months, most babies start tracking colours, patterns, movements, etc. So interest in these is a sign that eyesight is developing perfectly.

  • More eye contact, more smiling and more mingling with people

These interactions show that the baby is connecting with you and becoming aware of the surroundings. These behaviours are indicators of early language development. Body language is the first kind of communication the baby learns, and this leads to language development. The mentioned interactions develop over time, however.

  • Less tears and more sleep
    This shows that the nervous system is maturing. Several naps a day over comfortable baby pillows and stretches of four or more hours between feeding at night are the positive signs you should look out for.
  • Baby begins supporting own weight

If your baby can hold up her head or shift around in your arms, you know the muscles are growing nice and strong. Time outside the carrier and the car seat can help growth. Several baby foods contain adequate nutrients that babies over a year old need.

  • No lethargy
    Lethargic babies sleep for longer hours and are difficult to wake during feeding. Moreover, they are sluggish when awake and respond poorly to visual or audio stimuli. Lethargy could be a sign of cold, or influenza. Bring the baby to a doctor if you see lethargy!
  • Irritability
    An irritable baby who is irritable might be ill or in pain. If the baby is more irritable than usual, bring him to a doctor without delay.

These are a few of the important signs to look for to know your child's health status. You can take best care of your child by using state of the art products and services.

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