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Once you are a mother the only thing which you will never forget to carry is the diaper bag. A well stocked diaper bag can save your day. If you miss out anything you will definitely curse yourself.

You must be ready with a checklist and should remember it by heart. Here are few essential things which is a must to carry in your diaper bag.

Let’s go one by one with the check list!

  1. Diaper: carry more than you need, you never know how much you will require. Number of diapers in your bag will depend on for how long you are out of the house.
  2. A small box or packet of wipes: wipes are very essential part of your diaper kit. Cleaning poops, hands, mouths and even toys require wipes. Your wipes must be of good quality as it touches your baby skin. In market you get good quality of wipes which contain moisturiser and baby lotion.

  1. A changing mat: many diaper bags come with a small and handy changing mat, however you must keep an additional mat if possible. Look for a quick dry material which can be easily washed when ever and how many times required.
  2. Diaper rash cream: Whenever you change your baby’s diaper you must apply diaper rash cream. Since your baby’s skin is tender and soft you would not want any kind of allergy or rash to flare up.

  1. A burp cloth: After every feed burping is very essential. A burp cloth saves your clothes from getting dirty and spoilt. Usually small babies spit out milk after feed.
  2. Receiving blanket: small babies sleep every now or then. You must have a warm and cosy receiving blanket. It is good to wrap your baby; it keeps him protected from hot or cold environment and also from unnecessary human touch.

  1. Extra set of clothes: always keep extra set of clothes. Your little one may wet or dirty his clothes or diaper might leak for these condition you wouldn’t mind carrying extra load.
  2. A sun hat or cap: harsh sun can give your baby a sun rash. Always carry a sun hat especially when your baby is bald or if has thin hair.
  3. A good sunscreen: always carry a good sunscreen lotion for your baby’s delicate skin.
  4. Milk bottles: Carry extra milk bottles if you formula feed your baby. Keep minimum two bottles. In case you will be out for entire day, carry at least 4 bottles, you might not get chance to wash the bottles.

Other essential items includes:

  • Your baby’s favourite toy: carry a toy which can be a rattle or a tether. This will keep your baby busy and you will get extra time to chat or shop.
  • Bib: do not forget to carry babybib. This will save your baby dress from getting spoilt from food, drools and spit outs.


  • Pacifier: if your baby has a habit of using pacifiers, always keep one handy. Remember to store it separately in a zip lock sheet.
  • Important numbers: your contact list must have number of your paediatrician and nearby chemist.
  • Extra plastic or use and throw bags: these bags will be required to throw dirty diapers.
  • Keep water and snack for your child, avoid feeding your baby outside food.
  • Nursing apron: it is required when you breast feed your child.
  • Nasal aspirator may be required if your baby’s nose is too runny.
  • Carry some medicines like gas drops. Small babies often cry out loud when they develop gas.

Kind of diaper bag

  • Look for a diaper bag which is water proof
  • It must have multiple compartments.
  • Look for diaper bags which have insulated pockets for bottles.
  • Interior of your diaper bag should be of light colour so that things inside the bag are easily visible.
  • Look for chain bags rather than Velcro. Velcro bags are noisy and generally you’ll end up sticking stuffs on that Velcro.
  • Washable material is the best for your diaper bag.

Try your diaper bags before you buy them.

For information on baby care derived from the above discussed click here.


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