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Your baby, your bundle of joy, you want to do the best for your baby. A massage to talk, a massage to play, a massage to mingle, a massage to unwind, a message to giggle. A massage given to your baby works wonders in all aspects of your baby’s growth. Physically, mentally and emotionally every aspect is helped by a massage. A simple massage with good quality oil will help the baby to be stronger, active and alert.

Massage given to new born babies for the first six months from the time of their birth help the babies overall development and growth. Stronger bones, stronger limbs and stronger organs is what happens due to the massage given to the baby. It also helps the mother bond with the child mentally and emotionally very well because the daily touch through massage keeps reassuring the baby about your care and nurturing. A mother’s touch cannot be compared to any other touch, since it’s the only thing which helps the child grow mentally and emotionally during that delicate stage. The feeling a mother gets by touching the baby which was in her womb for nine months is now looking into her eyes and communicating through expressions of joy cannot be experienced by anybody else.

These are the things which you need to keep in mind for the massage to havebetter results because the baby has to grow physically, mentally and emotionally all together.

  • Build a daily schedule to suit your baby’s cycle.
  • Choose good massage oil.
  • Lukewarm oil should be used for massage because it penetrates faster.
  • Trim your finger nails to avoid hurting the baby.
  • Choose a warm room to do the massage.
  • Duration of the massage should be as per baby’s enjoyment.
  • Keep the warm water ready for bath and don’t keep the baby waiting after massage.

The Massage has to be gentle by applying more and less pressure on different parts of the body. The massage should be followed in systematic manner to have better benefits for the baby.

The sequence or the body parts to be chosen for massage should be in the following manner.

Head: Pour a few drops oil on the fontanel part of the skull. Gentle gather the dripping oil towards the center of the head a few times. Oil makes the skull stronger.

Back: Lay your baby on the tummy and gently rub the back from the neck to feet. Rub the back in circular motion. Rub the shoulders sideways downwards. Gently rub the neck and backbone using only two fingers in downward motion from neck to waist. rub the bum sideways. Using your thumbs rub the back side of knees and ankles in gentle circular motions.

Benefits: Back massage helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body and makes bone stronger and have straight legs.

 Arms: Apply oil and pull the arms sideways applying a little pressure as if your stretching the arms. Give massage in circular motion on the inside of the elbow and wrist. Exercise the arms by crossing the arms on the chest and keep opening and closing it over the chest four-five times.

          Benefits: Stronger and straighter arms.

Chest: Rub the chest downwards using your only four fingers apply very little pressure.

          Benefits: Removes any mucus from the lungs and builds a stronger rib cage.

Tummy: Rub in circular motion without applying pressure.

          Benefits: Builds strong digestive organs and helps in having easily clear the motion.

Face: Rub the forehead gently, Pull the nose gently on the tips or rub it sideways in upper way from the sides of the nose as bring sharpness to it. Rub the part between upper lips and nose to reduce swelling of that part. Rub the cheeks in circular motion. Rub the chin and gently massage the throat from chin downwards with just two fingers. Rub ears to open better like wings. Rub the jaw bone sideways from the end to the lips towards the ears.

          Benefits: Sharpe nose, clear forehead, stronger jawbone, better hearing.     

Legs: Rub the legs applying a little pressure on thighs from waist downwards till the toes. Rub the knee caps in circular motion. Rub the sole in circular motion using thumb.

          Benefits: Straight legs and strong knee caps.

Sexual organ: Pour few drops of oil in the tip of penis and inside the vagina

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