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Women are different! They were made different for a purpose, the most beautiful purpose which is giving birth to a new life. A child, who brings emotions, laughter, giggles and celebration to a home at the same time, demands a lot of attention too.

Women’s body is naturally designed to produce milk which is also called “A White Elixir”. Just as the name signifies its purity it is truly the right concoction of nutrients for that tiny bundle of joy.

The world around as is changing and so are the techniques of handling a child. However irrespective of what your best friends tells you or what the internet sites feed you with, human milk is the most important supplement for your child’s overall growth and development. So take breastfeeding seriously.

Why Breastfeeding is important for your child?

  • Breast milk has all the necessary nutrients which are important for your child’s initial development.
  • Your little one will stay away from allergies, obesity and other ailments.
  • It is proven that all those who have had good quantities of breast milk stay away from diabetes and cancer.
  • Since your child’s gut flora is not strong enough, breast milk is easily digestible.
  • Babies grow healthy and gradually attain the required body weight which keeps them fit.
  • Breast milk protects against ear infections.
  • Your child will definitely have a higher IQ score if he is breast fed properly.

The breast milk will keep changing its composition, value and nutrients as your child growth demands. This is the reason why doctors advice you to feed your child with breast milk for the first six months.

Breast milk is ready to use

Breast milk as we all know is full of essential nutrient dose, other than its healthy properties is also ready to use and good for the environment. It is a readymade solution for your baby. Use it wherever and whenever your baby requires milk. Breast made is very hygienic. You do not have to worry about the right temperature and sterilization of bottles and nipples. There are practically no waste produce hence good for our environment too.

Breast feeding is good for mothers too. You get rid of ailments like Diabetes 2 and breast cancer. You do not gain unnecessary weight after pregnancy. The best reason is the creation of special bond between mother and child.

How to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is the most natural phenomenon which animals have been doing over millions of years. However some women face the challenge of breast feeding. Though it’s natural but it does require some skill. The biggest and most important art to learn in Breast feeding is latching.


Face your baby towards your breast. Her face should easily reach up to your breast. Use a pillow if you require propping up your baby’s body. Ensure baby’s belly touches yours.

Hold your nipple in between your fingers and thumb. Tickle your little one’s lips with your nipple. With this sensation baby will automatically open its mouth. As soon as she opens her mouth insert your nipple inside her mouth, make sure she takes full nipple. Suckling is a god gifted gesture and every child knows how to suckle. You will be surprised to know that a child suckles her fingers inside mother’s womb.

Breastfeeding can take from few minutes to 40 minutes. The child knows when to stop. With regular feeding you will attune to your child’s needs. Some babies are distracted by slight noise, so it is advisable to breastfeed in a calm and quiet place.

Breastfeeding accessories

Today mothers are very busy as they have to tackle office, home and of course the new baby. In market you will find a plethora of accessories which helps new moms to facilitate breastfeeding.

At times areola area near the nipple itches and develops rash. A silicon nipple can provide some relief as it acts as a shield.

In case of inverted nipples, nipple shields comes which makes it easy for mothers to pull the nipples out. In case of rash a nipple rash cream can soothe your wounds. However it is advisable to choose an organic cream or lotion.

Breastfeeding pillow is an essential accessory which every mother should buy. It gives support to your back and makes breastfeeding easy.

Your child is your utmost treasure and motherhood the most beautiful experience. Enjoy breastfeeding with whichever way you want. Enjoy breastfeeding and give your child health and love which he desires.

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