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Babies are definitely more sensitive to insects than adults. They have a hard time dealing with mosquito bites, bed bugs, cockroaches and other insects that might be crawling in your house. It becomes the responsibility of parents to get rid of insects in the house and keep the little one safe. So does that mean you have to buy a chemical to kill the bugs? Not really, some simple home remedies that include using of essential oils, and herbal repellents can help you to keep insects in check without having to worry about side effects.

Below are some of the DIY methods to get rid of bugs in the house


Create a mix of 30 drops of Lavender and tap water in a small spray bottle. Spray the mixture on shirts and pants of your baby. This is an effective way to keep mosquitoes and ticks away from the baby.

Lemon Eucalyptus

Add 30 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus in a small spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Spray the mixture on the skin, mattress and clothes. This is a broad spectrum herbal insecticide which shoes away ants, mosquitoes, ticks and cockroaches.


Like any other essential oil, Citronella is a powerful insect repellent which does a great job in killing mosquitoes. This oil could be used directly on the skin like other herbal essential oils. Some people also prefer to grow citronella plant inside the house to control mosquitoes.  

Soybean Oil

This oil is not an essential oil but it is recommended by health institutions for repelling mosquitoes. Add a few drops of soybean oil  to any essential oil and spray in your home interiors.

Home remedies to cure insect bites on your baby's skin

Place ice on the bite area

This will reduce itching, swelling and pain caused by the bite.

Wash the affected area with Soap

Washing the bite area removes pathogens, reduces redness and itching. Make sure you use a baby soap that is mild on the skin. Do not use soaps with strong fragrance and dyes.

Oatmeal Bath

Put Oatmeal that settles down in the water into a bath and stir it. Gently give your baby a soothing bath with the oatmeal water. Do not use any soap, simply wipe the body to leave the essence of oatmeal on the body. 

So indeed there are ways to protect your baby from insects without having to chemical repellants. Click here to browse through more baby care products available in the JBN store.


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