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The biggest challenge of being a mother is that, you must know exactly when your baby falls sick, or it needs any speedy treatment. Since the immune system of babies is not yet developed fully, they tend to fall ill very soon. So you must have the basic ideas about child immunity and know the following symptoms to understand that they are sick:

  • When they cry for long, at a stretch and they do not react properly to any external stimulus. The case may be due to baby fever, where the temperature can be more than 37.5 degree Celsius. The sick child must be wrapped in swaddles and you must administer dosage of medicine as prescribed by the pediatrician.
  • You can put the babies on a baby mattress, if it constantly refuses to eat or drink anything, you must examine the stools and the urine, and if they are discolored or pale, and if they give out a vapid smell, then it is time to take your baby to a doctor, to know whether it has dysentery or not. Mother’s milk and boiled water are the best for a child after it is born, and you can also give dosages of ORS in this connection.

What to do in case of unresponsive babies?

If you see that your child has suddenly become listless and unresponsive even to the smallest things that are occurring near him or her, then it is time to check their nappies for nappy rash or skin inflammation. In this case, you must take proper precaution to keep the nappy area dry, to avoid itching and inflammation of the baby’s delicate skin.

  • Infantile diseases are also marked by their refusal to eat or drink, and they keep on whining and crying at short breaks, or after long intervals.

  • If there are cases of bacterial and viral congestion inside the digestive tracts, then the baby can also suffer from mild and recurrent cough, cold, diarrhea and dehydration. In these cases it is important to clean them with wet sanitary baby wipes and keep them protected in baby towels or in soft blankets.
  • If the condition of abnormal crying persists, then it is always suggested to take your baby to the nearest doctor, to avoid any serious condition.

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