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Nowadays the hazard of pests like mosquitoes has increased quite a lot due to many environmental factors. Babies and very young children are particularly susceptible to becoming severely ill due to mosquito bites. We often hear about the child fatalities caused by disease which are spread by mosquitoes like dengue and malaria. This is the reason it is necessary to maintain health and hygiene around the baby and natural insect repellants can help in doing that. These repellants are available in many different forms and one of them is diffuser oils.

How to use diffuser oils

The diffuser oils are meant to be used with diffusers which are usually made of ceramic or stone. The bowl on top of the diffuser should be filled with water and a T candle should be lit underneath the bowl. Then you should put 4-5 drops of the oil in the water. When the water gets heated the oil starts to evaporate and slowly spreads around the room effectively repelling mosquitoes. Nowadays you can also find diffusers which are operated by electricity and these have the benefit of being free from fire hazard.

How do diffuser oils work?

Diffuser oils meant for repelling mosquitoes usually contain Citronella oil as a primary ingredient. Sometime other natural ingredients are also used to enhance the efficacy of the oils. Mosquitoes usually find their target due to the odor given out by the human body which includes carbon dioxide and sweat. The strong aroma of the citronella oil effectively masks this human smell and due to this the mosquitoes cannot find their target.

The best part is that Citronella oil does not kill mosquitoes as most modern chemical based repellants do. In other words you can say that no cruelty is used in the process of protection from mosquitoes In fact Citronella oil is also effective in keeping other bugs like flies away from the room. As a result you are able to protect your baby from other disease causing insects as well.

Availability of diffuser oils

All types of diffuser oils are available in aromatherapy shops and sometimes even in super markets and departmental stores. In fact you can also find them online is some stores which specialize in selling aromatherapy products or mosquito repellants of different kinds. The benefit of buying these oils online is that you can compare several brands and their prices and choose the one that offers the best product at the most reasonable price.

Why natural repellants are popular

Natural insect repellants have become very popular nowadays because of several reasons. First of all they are easily available and you don’t have to spend too much time or effort to look for them. However, the most important reason why people prefer natural repellants to chemical ones is that the chemical based insect repellants have several harmful side effects especially for the delicate systems of babies and young children. On the other hand the natural repellants do not have any such harmful effects and in fact have some additional benefits for the health of the children. If you want to know more about natural bug repellants then you can click here.


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