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A baby’s comfort is the priority for any mother. Enrich this comfort by using organic baby care products. Just as you take care of everything that your baby eats, you can also go for organic products for your baby’s skin care. Organic baby oils, organic shampoos and organic skin care products are as gentle as a mother’s touch.Baby’s food and sleep are the things which should be taken utmost care of, as both are extremely important for your baby’s health and happiness.A baby depending on its age needs specific amount of sleep ranging from 12- 16 hours per day. One way of not compromising with your baby’s sleep is to give your baby a nice supporting pillow for the neck. Selecting a safe comfortable pillow for your baby is an essential part of your baby’s cosiness.

Selecting a baby pillow- To enhance the comfort ability of your baby you should select a perfect baby pillow which would go with your baby’s age requirements. Here are a few guidelines to follow for selecting a perfect pillow for your baby.

  • Consult a paediatrician: As no two babies are same their comfort requirements also vary. It is recommended to see a doctor about your baby’s pillow requirement. Pillows are also believed to prevent “plagiocephaly” or flat head syndrome in babies.
  • Choose moderately soft pillows: It is better to take pillows which are neither too soft nor too tough. A seeds filled pillow adjusts to baby’s neck and head size and hence gives comfortable space to your baby. It is comparatively more fixated than the cotton pillows, hence less possibility of its movement in your baby’s sleep.

  • Colourful or creative products: It is always enhancing to go for colourful creativepillows
    than plain ones. Study has proved that colours have positive effects on a baby’s mind and imagination.  You can also go for colourful and cutely printed blankets.So why not choose a cute one than just a plain old cloudy?

  • Easily washable products: Always go for products which are easily hand or machine washable. Obviously babies create a lot of mess so always go forproductsthat are easily washable by natural detergents and hence you can avoid the usage of chemical detergents on your baby’s products. You may look for organic fabric bibs for your baby so that your baby eats innocently childlike without you having to perform your ringmaster tricks.

  • Portable products: While buying any product for your baby, check if the product is handy. Do not go for large sized or heavy pillows. Go for options where you can fold the pillow or easily fit it in your small travelling bag. Baby wraps are best options if you are looking out for handy baby products; they have multipurpose use as well as are easily available.
  • Durability: Most of the times, cotton pillows get pressed due to the usage. Hence pillows with removable and replaceable seeds are the best options if you are looking for something durable for your baby. They won’t also get too squashy and can serve as a childhood memory for your baby.

Every baby is a special one and it is valuable to get the products designed by creators who caress this beautiful relationship of a mother and child.  Click here for browsing through more of such baby care products provided by Joy by Nature.


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