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Skincare for your baby should be on the top of your importance list, right up there with changing baby diapers and feeding your baby timely, as baby skin is delicate, along with their immune system. So a baby’s skincare regime must religiously steer clear of chemicals, scents and artificial colors, as they irritate the sensitive skin of an infant, causing them discomfort- and you certainly don’t want that for your baby, right? Therefore, the only solution to a peaceful baby and baby’s beautiful, tender and nourished skin is switching to organic lotions and creams , with the nutrition of all-natural products that wrap your baby with love.

Moisturizing your baby’s skin:

  • Why does your baby’s skin get dry? Because like adults, children’s skin also gets dry, and as baby skin is more delicate than adult skin, drying is more likely. Outdoor cold air and indoor heating can take away moisture from your baby’s skin, leaving it dry and susceptible to breakout and rashes.
  • How to counter this dryness? The best way of countering this is treating your baby’s sensitive skin to the goodness of all-natural and organic lotions and creams. These creams, free from artificial reagents and chemicals, provide your baby protection and nutrition of Mother Nature in all her goodness.

  • When to use these lotions and creams on my baby’s sensitive skin? The best time to apply organic lotions and creams  is when you take your baby out of bath, as it would also help retain the moisture that still is there in your baby’s skin.
  • How to apply these lotions and creams? Moisturizing your baby’s skin with organic lotions and creams could be a quality time spent between you and your special little person. The sensitive skin of your baby is critical to your touch, and it will help strengthening the bond between you. When it comes to organic lotions and creams , your policy should be to apply as much as possible, so as to keep your baby’s skin hydrated for a long time. Apply organic lotions and creams onto your hands and then massage informally on your baby’s soft, sensitive skin in a gentle way. Try to put on some music that he or she likes, so as to distract your baby while you are massaging his or her skin with organic lotions and creams. Massage organic lotions and creams  over the entire body in small gentle strokes to soften your baby’s skin.

  • Tips: Avoid using products that have artificial scents or dyes such as Aquaphor or Eucerin. If your baby’s skin is still dry, after using lotions and creams, try consulting a doctor. While applying, make sure you have a firm hold on your baby so that he or she does not slide away. Baby skin is more delicate and fragile than children, therefore more prone to ailments, so the safest bet is to use organic lotions and creams on your baby’s skin. Click here to browse through the JBN shelves to find some.


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