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Today’s fast-paced, fast food lifestyle is not just upsetting for us grown-ups but equally so for our little ones too. It is thus becoming increasingly important that we lay emphasis on a healthy lifestyle for our kids.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors in a strong immune system and helps kid ward off ailments, both big and small, keeping them healthy and strong. Of course, they will still get the occasional colds and fevers & indigestion and stomach upsets, but a strengthened immunity would help them recoup faster.

The question that pops in our mind is how to give our kids a healthy lifestyle, and more importantly naturally without subjecting them to unnecessary toxins or over-the-counter chemical supplements that could do more harm than good!!

Follow these simple tips to reach the answer to your questions and to a healthy lifestyle for your kids, naturally.

  1. Breastfeed

We have often heard the benefits of breastfeeding babies. Well! It is one of the oldest and most natural way of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for your kids at the very start of their lives, as it is a vital building block in the immune system of kids. What’s more, it helps the new mommies get back to shape as well!! However, for the mommies who are unable to breast feed their babies for any reason, medical or otherwise, can try home-made brown rice milk as part of their babies’ daily diet.


  1. Organic Diet – A Wholesome Alternative

Give your kids the goodness of organic diet. An organic diet is wholesome and balanced and free of harmful toxins and chemicals that find place in artificial, factory foods. Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds and organic cereals along with fish to strengthen their immunity. Try cooking their meals in organic olive oil and sesame oil that are a storehouse of health. Try replacing cold drinks with organic juices or you could try organic tea occasionally like Kukicha tea that cold offer a healthy alternative to carbonated or other bottled beverages.


  1. Healthy Snacking

Kids love snacking and often the processed and packaged food they eat are 'nutritionally empty’ foods' due to high quantity of additives, further weakening their immunity. Giving your kids organic snacks such as fruit and vegetable sticks, organic cookies, nuts and seeds or home-made fruit shakes or smoothies, could be a healthy way of promoting good eating habits.

  1. Organic Supplements

In very cold places or when kids are not eating properly, organic food supplements like cod liver oil become essential for your children.


  1. Include Lots of Veggies & Fruits

Often dairy food, excessive sweets, cold or canned foods and excessive raw fruits can make kids prone to infections. Add lots of green veggies to their diet. Cook these lightly or let the kids eat seasonal vegetables like carrots, cabbages, etc. raw as in salads.


  1. Include Organic Nuts & Sesame Seeds In Kids’ Diet

Crushed sesame seeds and organic nuts are nutrient rich and provide kids with the vitamins and omega fatty acids essential for their growth and physical development. Adding a small quantity of these as part of their daily diets can have magical effect on their growth and their overall health and immunity. Nut, specifically, are very beneficial in promoting strong bones and teeth. However, don’t overdo as these are high on their salt content and may lead to stunted height and decreased appetite.

  1. Give Them A Non-toxic Environment


We unknowingly introduce various chemicals like mosquito repellants, incenses, air fresheners and floor cleaners at home. These unnecessarily expose our kids to toxins that can be damaging to theirimmune system. Create a non-toxic, clean and healthy environment around them with inexpensive, and non-toxic organic alternatives to these products and give them a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics and Vaccines

 Avoid unnecessary anti-biotics for kids. Instead try Ayurvedic and organic home remedies for minor ailments that can be easily treated at home without allopathic intervention.

  1. A Healthy Routine

 Above all, give kids a healthy, stable and happy home life. Make their daily routine pleasant and devoid of stressful situations. Introduce exercise and good sleep habits. Set a disciplined routine with fixed meal times and bed time. Let them be as close to nature as possible as nothing can substitute the health benefits that can be derived from nature!!

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