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Being a father is a new experience. This is the time when “boys” ultimately become “men”.

What is father-baby bonding?

Father-baby bonding is an emotional relationship that a father has with his baby. He showers love and affection and always ready to protect the baby from danger.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel any attachment right after your baby is born. For some new dads, it takes few months to develop bond with their little ones.

Deepen your bond with your baby in these easy steps:

  • Taking care of unborn: Develop bonding when the baby is in her mother’s womb. Simply touch or pat her belly, play soothing music and do a lot of baby talk. Go with your partner for routine checkup. Thus the love for baby will grow.
  • Bottle feeding: Ask the mother to pump breast milk in feeding bottle. Hold the baby close to your chest and bottle feed her. Maintain eye contact to develop bond with the baby.
  • Cuddling: According to a recent research, snuggling and cuddling baby can increase the level of love hormone oxytocin in males too. Skin to skin touch is said to be the early sign of communication among babies. It will give her comfort and closure too. But make sure not to get too physical.
  • Diaper changing: Changing baby’s diaper may sound messy and smelly, but it gets easier over time. After clearing the area with baby wipes, pat a little powder to make sure the area is free of moisture. Now using diaper inserts, put the organic diaper on baby’s bottom.

  • Swaddling: Wrapping your bundle of joy in a blanket or swaddling the baby can develop your bond with your infant. By using the right technique, wrap your baby. It prevents the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Make sure not to cover the cheek and ear of the baby. Leave enough space in it so that the baby doesn’t feel any discomfort. You can put the baby in sleeping bag.

  • Learning body language: When you build deep bond with your baby, you can read her facial expression without uttering any word. You will know when your baby is hungry or need a diaper change or just want you to cuddle her.
  • Oil massaging: When your baby becomes old enough, give her oil massage Massage in upward direction without adding any pressure. Make sure to remove any bracelet or ring so that it doesn’t hurt baby’s soft skin. The ideal time to massage your baby is one hour after feeding. If your baby is crying, it is better to skip it.

  • Playing: Play some crazy music and dance with your baby. For the first time hold her hands and let her dance in your tunes. After that, the baby will be able to pick up her own steps. You can play peak a boo, sing songs or just do meaningless baby talk.
In these ways you can give some relaxation to the mom and develop deep bond with your baby. To make your baby healthy and happy, you can click here.


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