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Pregnancy is a very delicate and important state in a woman’s life, where she brings another soul to the world. It is related to both baby and the mother. Exercise helps pregnant women to stay fit and regain the pre-pregnancy body shape.

Exercise is crucial for every person to stay fit and healthy and same goes with women who are pregnant. Pregnant women who exercise daily have less back pain, a better body image, more energy and after pregnancy they return back to their original shape easily. During pregnancy, many changes occur in the body whether they are hormonal or physical. Pregnant women’s skin should be always moisturized. Newborn babies have dry skin and thus, they should be massaged with oils. For both mom and child, organic oils can be applied on the skin to make them smooth and supple.

After pregnancy, a lot of stretch marks start to appear near stomach and back. It is looks ugly and every pregnant woman wishes to remove them. Some lubricant could be used in the whole period of pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.

Try some of the given exercises at home to stay fit in pregnancy too.

  • Lie on your left side, head supported by your forearm, left leg bent at a 45-degree angle and right leg straight. For stability place your opposite arm on the floor. Lift right leg to about hip height.
  • Get down on your hands and knees, wrists directly under your shoulders. Lift your knees and straighten your legs behind you until your body forms a straight line. Don’t let your belly sag or arch your back.
  • Also, try swimming, brisk walking, simple aerobics and tennis in beginning of pregnancy.

It is also necessary for pregnant women to wear loose clothes. Tight clothes might bring rashes and could be uncomfortable. Thus, a loose fitting dress is always needed like a long skirt, or pyjamas, a loose top, etc. To be strong and restore hormonal and emotional balance some herbal products have been introduced by the doctors.

For baby’s growth and mother’s skin, specific oils must be used. To be anxious free and stretch marks free, one can use different kinds of oils available in the market. It makes skin look graceful, supple and smooth.

Pregnant women should keep themselves healthy so that the baby stays healthy. They should have a proper diet which contains ample of fruits and veggies. It would be better not to smoke or drink; it can affect child’s growth. All the best! Click here for more products JBN is providing for pre and post pregnancy stage.


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