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Your cute baby needs protection not just from intruders but also from seemingly harmless bugs and critters. Especially during rainy season, you need to be extra careful lest your bonny baby may get bitten by these miniscule creatures. Here are some tips and hints that would guide you to keep your baby safe –


Dress up your baby appropriately so that there is minimal exposed skin. Though 100 percent coverage isn’t possible, avoid skimpy dresses of kids when outdoors. Even color matters! Don’t dress up your baby in dark clothes for they tend to attract bugs.

No Perfume

Don’t dab perfume over your baby as fragrances drawbugs and critters.

Check Crib and Mattress

Before bringing your baby home soon after birth, get a quality crib with a quality mattress. Be informed about their quality, manufacturing status and usage. Do not place the crib closer to windows or doors. If the climate of your region invites bugs and critters, get a crib that has mesh covering too.

Natural Repellant

If bugs are being irksome, use only herbal or organic bug repellant that would not be a threat to babies. They are light to dab or spray and pleasantly scented. They contain plant oil and are sans chemicals.Also, whatever repellant is being used, don’t apply it directly to the skin. Rather, dab them over clothing, shoes or hat.

Keeping Clean

Keep indoors as well as outdoors clean so as to not invite bugs and critters. Store food and beverages in sealed containers and do not leave any food crumbs around your baby.

Disinfect Regularly 

It is very important to disinfect your baby’s clothes and bedding regularly. Use safe and organic disinfectant for your baby clothing that would keep them soft too. Sterilize your baby’s crib, walker, bedding and even toys from time to time and dry them up in bright sun. Exposure to sunlight would complete the sanitizing process.   

Keeping Your Garden Bug Free

You love your baby and somehow bugs residing in your garden too want to show their affection to your baby. Here are interesting ways to keep garden bug free so that your baby can spend some nice time there -

  • Egg Shells – Scatter egg shells in your garden and they would keep critters away from your plants. No need to crush them as they will get exhumed on their own in due time.
  • Spraying Soapy Water–Prepare a soapy solution and spray it over the plants and flowers. This would effectively keep aphids away.

Pet Care

If you have pets in home your cleaning regime should be even more careful and strenuous. Vacuum the area frequented by your pet that houses your pet. Keep coat of your pets clean and dry. Place mats where your pet sleeps or usually sits and then wash those mats in hot water to maintain bug-free spaces.

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